Lalique’s New Fashionable Edge

In my enthusiasm, I posted yesterday instead of my usual middle of the week installment and rather than leave you hanging until Friday, I thought I would offer a little eye candy to carry you through. I only shared a few pieces on Monday from the new Lalique jewelry collection. The line encompasses almost 100 pieces and is classic and yet modern in its appeal. See how beautifully it pairs with these pieces for fall, all from Bergdorf’s.

Oscar de la Renta fall outfit paired with Lalique jewelry

The black crystal Nysa bracelet could be the perfect accompaniment to this Oscar de la Renta Contrast Crochet Jacket and Skirt. Elegant with a little edge, it can hold its own against the busy pattern of this trademark Oscar look.

Akris fall 2012 satin suit with Lalique jewelry

The Coquelicot (poppy) is the symbol of the cycle of the seasons. Originally designed in 1912 for the facade of the Coty building in New York, it is reborn for the new collection. The fire red of this sleek Akris satin suit needs little to make a statement. The clean lines of the pendant would add glamour without distraction.

Donna Karan gown and Lalique jewelry

Just as the shade of this Donna Karan gown gradates from gray to black, such is the tonal transformation from mother of pearl to glittering diamonds in these stunning Vesta earrings, the movement echoing the dynamic drape of the dress.

Ralph Lauren Black label Octavia skirt with Lalique jewelry

This Nysa crystal bracelet is the perfect melding of old and new, showcasing the gorgeous artistic capabilities of the Lalique studios within a contemporary yet classic setting.  The sculptural quality and tonality of the carving is the perfect pairing for this sinuous Ralph Lauren Black Label outfit.

Proenza Schouler fashion with lalique jewelry

The Proenza Schouler team has mastered the mix with this colorful outfit for fall. A great balance of texture and proportion yields a fashionably forward look without pushing the envelope too far. Add to the fun with the classic Lalique crystal cabochon ring, a reissue of the original 1931 design. Available in a rainbow array of colors, it is the perfect way to add a pop of color to any outfit

Giorgio Armani Waterfall-Pleat GownI couldn’t resist the splendid color of this Armani Waterfall-Pleat Gown. The beautiful tailoring and feminine lines reflect the delicate design of the Ardente bracelet in the stunning combination of pink gold and sapphires.

See you at the end of the week for our final look at the revitalized legacy of Lalique.

15 thoughts on “Lalique’s New Fashionable Edge

  1. I am enjoying your discussion of Lalique. BUT, my favorite all-time Lalilque experience was on my first trip to London. We had reservations for afternoon tea at Claridge’s. The Maitre’d greeting me asking, ” is this madame’s first visit to Claridge’s? ” when I replied, Yes, it was, he responded with, ” then I would suggest you visit our Ladies Room first” feeling a bit like Eliza Doolittle, I thanked him and he directed me. I saw the lovely Beidermeier pieces and the magnificent Lalique doors on the stalls and in other areas. Truly one of my most memorable experiences. And it is why the Ladies’ Room at Claridge’s is The most beautiful bathroom in the world!!

  2. Now, didn’t these just shoot out of the gate ….like a rocket. Classic Lalique…beautifully modern. Your pairings are on the dime! I love this post. It reminds me of Antiques Roadshow when someone shows up with a priceless necklace or suite of jewelry belonging to the Czarina that has been in a box in the back of a closet in Kansas City (the Vesta Earrings).

  3. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!!! This was just SO FUN and INTERESTING and did I say FUN!!! Beautiful examples and wonderful presentation!! franki

  4. Seriously, Stacey, these pieces are absolutely breathtaking! The diamond and mother of pearl earrings are too perfect for words, and so is everything else here. I can’t think of a more heirloom creating company, and I truly have always loved their work.
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Love all the eye candy and pairings! That blue dome ring…..would look mighty nice on my hand!!

    Looking forward to Friday’s post!

  6. Are you sure you did not miss your calling of dressing the stars?
    Your taste and pairings are as exquisite as those gems. I would wear that cabochon ring with just about anything and anywhere.

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