L.A. Style File – The Chamberlain Hotel

Chamberlain hotelAs most of you know, I was at the Design Blogger’s Conference last week in Los Angeles. I hadn’t been to the sunny state since I was nine years old when my mother, sister and I traveled cross country by train to visit my aunt. Those were the days when train travel still could be an elegant affair. We took the Twentieth Century from New York to Chicago and the California Zephyr from there to Los Angeles – it was quite the adventure.

While this was an adventure of a different sort, style was most definitely a part of the picture, including the fabulous Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood. Recommended by travel companion Suysel Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick, David McCauley‘s chic enclave was a total treat – a few more photos to come soon.

Almost immediately upon my return, I attended Blogshop, a rather intense two day introduction to photoshop taught by the stylish dynamic duo of designer Bri Emery and photographer Angela Kohler. Just like blog conference, it was sensory and inspiration overload, but in my enthusiasm, I just had to try my hand at the most rudimentary little something. So please indulge me as I pay homage to both my latest travel tip and a few new found skills!!

17 thoughts on “L.A. Style File – The Chamberlain Hotel

  1. I am so impressed and envious at the same time. I mean you really are too much!
    How fun. I would love to go the next one…..I just need a little push.

  2. I’ve just subscribed to the BlogShop email list – would love to learn some new skills and add some fun The Buzz! You’ve been a busy person, Q!

  3. WOW, you’ve been so busy! As a grad of the blogshop, I have to say…you have some rad skillz lady! You’re clearly a much quicker learn than me…and these shots of the hotel have me itching to visit! Looking forward to more!

  4. Good for you, Stacey! I just purchased Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium, and I have found that I will need so education!
    Your post looks amazing, so obviously you learned a lot!
    Thank you for the images. I have heard nothing but great things about the Chamberlain.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Stacey, you really are a one woman band!!! Your new blogshop skills are amazing!!! I’m so happy you’ve gotten to experience these recent events! Will stay tuned for more!

    xo E

  6. I love this! Suuuper impressed Q : ) You have been mighty busy my friend. I’ve heard great things about the Blogshop sessions – can’t wait to see more! xx

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