Kips Bay – Charles Pavarini, Chairman of the Designer Committee

Tuesday evening I attended the opening of the 2012 Kips Bay Showhouse. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic event and with Bunny Williams and Charles Pavarini at the helm, the designers pulled out all the stops. It’s a blockbuster round up of talent resulting in a showhouse that is a marvelous example of design excellence.

I had the opportunity to interview Charles, who is this year’s Chairman of the Designer Committee, for Interior Connector, a favorite online source for the best in luxury home furnishings.

So pop over to read the kick off Kips Bay interview (more to come) and “hear” this design luminary’s thoughts on the show house, his design and the state of the industry!!

5 thoughts on “Kips Bay – Charles Pavarini, Chairman of the Designer Committee

  1. Might be to early because your article isn’t up yet. I’ll have to try again in an hour but I’m sure it’s wonderful and you just gave me a new source.


  2. Could not make opening, but this is a charity that I love! So glad that you posted about it. Will be in on the 1st to view and take Miles Redds lecture. Wonderful post, keep up the great work!!!

  3. Lumiblade… very intriguing… much as I dislike LED lighting it is here to stay. A passionate article without being preachy. Thanks! franki

  4. This is one of those events that makes me wish I lived on the opposite coast – or made a more regular path to NYC. But so glad that I have your perspective to bring it a bit closer. Love the interview – especially the part about the past influencing the present. I’m a firm believer in looking backwards and forwards at the same time!
    Happy Weekend, Stacey! XO

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