It’s the Little Things

It's the Little Things

“In my own home, it’s the combination and juxtaposition of meaningful details that bring emotion to every room and make me happy every time I see them.” So explains Susanna Salk in her latest title, It’s the Little Things. In the book Susanna successfully celebrates those details in our homes where we express ourselves the most and where our memories, our personality and our style come alive. With a wonderfully diverse selection of designs, It’s the Little Things illustrates how “creating big moments in your home through the stylish small stuff” is an essential step into making your home your own.

It's the Little Thingscover photo by Tria Giovan

Throughout this inspiring and useful tome, Susanna features vignettes and details from designers around the globe who use the details to “bring depth and life to a room.” Divided into five distinct chapters – Surfaces, Walls, Mantels, Little Moments and Big Moments – It’s the Little Things shows us how rooms’ style quotients are elevated through the details. In Rebecca de Ravenel‘s Manhattan apartment, she mixes old and new, with a layered eclecticism that is personal and fun. As she explained, “It’s the little things that have a history, the details, the patterns, and, of course, some pretty flowers that make any room come alive!”

Rebecca de Ravenel in It's the Little Thingsphoto by Josh Gaddy

While black and white is always a chic combination, the bar is raised in this bedroom by Bibi Monnahan with the great details. Glamorous yet whimsical, the Fornasetti plates and mindful mix of textures and pattern add a playful exchange appropriate for anyone from stylish teen to lucky guest.

Bibi Monnahan in It's the Little Things, photo by Simon Upton

photo by Simon Upton

“We always think of small powder rooms as little jewelry boxes where we can use explosive color,” states the color-and-pattern-loving Tilton Fenwick team. And indeed, the bright hues and bold scale of the wallpaper make what could have been a boring box into a scintillating spot to powder your nose!

Tilton Fenwick powder room in It's the Little Things, photo by Trevor Tondro

photo by Trevor Tondro

As Susanna so eloquently explains, “Miles Redd composes rooms the way F. Scott Fitzgerald composed sentences: with a dash of wit, punctuating color, lyrical romance and glamour with just a bit of edge.” It’s the masterful mix of design details that make this stunning scene sing.

Miles Redd in It's the Little Things, photo by Simon Uptonphoto by Simon Upton/The Interior Archive

With her love of coral and bold colors, Susanna was perfectly suited to this stylish bedroom in Timothy Corrigan’s magnificent chateau when we visited two years ago. The unexpected mantel display adds a level of charm and whimsy to the formal French architecture.

Timothy Corrigan chateau in It's the Little Things, photo by Stacey Bewkesphoto by Stacey Bewkes

Your initial reaction might be that it’s the stunning wallpaper alone that makes the space in Alex Papachristidis‘ own bedroom. It wouldn’t, however, be nearly as cozy, interesting or polished without all the finishing touches that complete the personal picture. Note the variety of decorative details, from porcelains to paintings, and fearless combinations that take this from simply beautiful to truly fabulous.

Alex Papachristidis in It's the Little Thingsphoto by Tria Giovan

In It’s the Little Things, you’ll be introduced to masters of design who offer visual clues and helpful hints to successfully navigate your own decorating choices at home. By paying attention to details, focusing on what you love and bringing a little of yourself into the mix, you can transform your home into a meaningful place where the “everyday feels a little less ordinary.”

10 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. What a wonderful book Stacey and Susanna – full of personal insight and inspiration – the narrative is so rich and compelling – honored to have been included among it’s pages!

  2. Can’t wait to get this book–Decorate Fearlessly is one of my all time favorites–and I expect It’s the Little Things will be too. Love the layers, the art, the color, the scale and the sense of humor– the entire sensibility is spot on.

  3. I find the “little things” the hardest to master in decorating. While I am never at a loss when faced with an empty room, those final touches can be excruciating to nail down. Looking forward to adding Susanna’s latest tome to my library.

  4. Dear Stacey, thank you for introducing us to Susanna’s new book, it looks so delightful! I cannot wait to enjoy it and add it to my library!!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Thanks Stacey …Thrilled to hear it’s out and congratulations to Susanna! I love beautiful ‘clutter’ and so happy to have this endorsed. Beautiful images and can’t wait to order mine…

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