At Home in the Country with Gil Schafer Video

Gil Schafer and Susanna Salk

I first became familiar with architect Gil Schafer when his own country home in upstate New York, Middlefield, was published well over a decade ago. Since then, he has become known as one of the country’s greatest proponents of classic residential architecture. Using the time honored principles of classicism in a contemporary manner, he fuses the best of old and new, designing homes that have the look and ambiance of an old house yet with all the comfort and conveniences of a modern lifestyle. As a long time admirer, I am thrilled to present our latest video with Gil at Middlefield. Tag along with Susanna Salk and me for a behind the scenes visit with Gil where he shares the secrets of creating his iconic new old house.

As many of you know, as was chronicled in Gil’s first book, The Great American House, his futile three year search for a “real” old house led him to this 45 acre property in Duchess County, NY, where he ultimately built Middlefield 18 years ago. In the classic style of a greek revival farmhouse, he created a structure that feels as if it has always been there, grown in stages over generations – what he calls the mythology of a house.

Gil Schafer MiddlefieldHere, as in all his work, the seamless integration of architecture, landscape and interiors makes for an authentic sense of place.

Gil Schafer garden at Middlefield 1And while the architecture itself is very classic and refined, the interior is a personal testament to comfort, warmth and family – the meaning of home.

Gil Schafer guest roomIn Gil’s latest book, A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style and Memory in the New American House (Rizzoli), he shares both his process and seven homes that effortlessly illustrate how classic architectural principals and power of place work together to create timeless designs that fit their site and context.

A Place to Call Home by Gil SchaferPart one outlines Gil’s approach to essentials, explaining how he achieves the “synthesis of emotion and experience.” Here you will learn how to read the landscape, the fancy versus simple (the appropriateness of each and the combination),

Gil Schafer kitchen in A Place to Call Homehow to combine modern and traditional, beyond the house (the irresistible appeal of outbuildings), decoration and the final and perhaps my favorite – details (the beautiful, the practical and the personal – all of which conspire to make a house a livable home).

Gil Schafer details in A Place to Call Home-1bottom right photo above by Jonathan Wallen

From formal to rustic, mountain to city, the seven houses are all “showcases for the beauty of life, the joys of family, and, not least, a heartfelt celebration of place.” Whether renovating and expanding a California cottage,

Gil Schafer bathroom in A Place to Call Homedesigning a classic Adirondack camp-style house on Lake Placid,

Gil Schafer Adirondack house in A Place to Call Homeor Gil’s own modern A-frame house in Maine,

Gil Schafer house in Maine in A Place to Call Homephotos from book above by Eric Piasecki except where noted otherwise

each exhibits the tenets of Gil’s successful practice – creating homes that are beautiful, livable, comfortable in their environment, appropriate in style and scale with exquisite materials and details. It’s a book as beautiful as it is useful. And a huge thank you to you, Gil, for welcoming us into your gorgeous home – it is a timeless testament to your talent in creating places your clients are lucky enough to call home.

Gil Schafer and Susanna Salkfirst 3 photos and above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

18 thoughts on “At Home in the Country with Gil Schafer Video

  1. Wow! What a wonderful way to start Monday with Gil Shafer & your video. He is so talented and inspiring. Yes, he has mastered the art of living beautifully. Thank you!

  2. Probably my favorite video yet. I have always loved this house and feel it is the perfect example, of making a new house feel old and one that has a soul. I felt the video was even better then all of the photos I have seen because you really get a sense of the atmosphere! You get a sense of a house that already has history!! Bravo to you both. Maybe you can tour his NY or Maine house next??



  3. What a charming home!! And there is not EVER “too much stuff” as he says in the video! Layers of accessories – especially his collection books – make this whole home so inviting! I would spend so much time on the porch reading books from the stacks on the dining room table!! Just wondering why he didn’t design and build a wall or two of bookshelves for his books? I love to hear about design decisions! Just LOVE this whole home!!

    Thanks for another wonderful video! I look forward to each and every one!

    Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  4. Your videos are always wonderful but this one is my favorite. I lived in a 1840 CT Greek Revival in Guilford and miss the elegance of that home. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful this style is and how Gil created a masterpiece with his. Enjoyed getting his signature on 2 books in New Preston this summer.

  5. This is such a wonderful home, pictures don’t do it justice so thank you for bringing us the video tour! It is a fantastic place that looks like it’s been there for centuries…

  6. His has always been a favorite of mine. I go back to it regularly for inspiration. I’ve always loved the color of his shutters and doors. Would you happen to know what color it is? I’ve searched and searched but can’t find anything where he’s disclosed that.

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