It’s Fall – A Busy Week!

Although my favorite season has not officially begun, fall events are already in full force. It was a busy week out in the design world and while I catch up, here is a sneak peek of a few things I saw!

Quintessence lifestyle blogIn honor of the Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel documentary opening today, my Why Don’t You mantra was “Take the Night Off” which is why today’s entry is posting a tad late today!!

6 thoughts on “It’s Fall – A Busy Week!

  1. So excited to see the Diana Vreeland documentary! Looks like you’ve had an exciting week! Take the weekend off!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. Stacey,
    My eldest sister always would refer to Fall as a High Speed train….it does feel like we are moving so fast, we just have to enjoy the ride. I always love how you write, present and seem to do it all so effortlessly. It is great to stop and to relax, so I hope that is on your stylish agenda this week. Enjoy the first day of Autumn. Love DV.

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