At Home in Paris with Pierre Sauvage

While designer, shop owner and author Pierre Sauvage was only vaguely considering moving to a new apartment in Paris, little did he know he would soon find his ideal Paris home only three doors down from where he was living. Join Susanna and me in Paris for a behind the scenes visit with Pierre at his stunning Left Bank home.

It is easy to understand why Pierre and his partner fell hard for this 18th century abode. Up a flight of stone steps in a handsome hôtel particulier,

entry to Pierre Sauvage Paris apartment

the soaring eighteen foot ceilings and spacious rooms, make it feel more like a small château in the city than an apartment. As Pierre explained, the classic architecture and boiserie serve as a perfect counterpoint for more modern furnishings and the exuberant color he loves.

Pierre Sauvage Paris sitting room
sitting room

Wanting to preserve the atmosphere of the sitting room with its protected boiserie and grisaille panels over the door, Pierre added sofas with all white upholstery and a dramatic chandelier by Hervé Van der Straeten that reflects on the ceiling in a brilliant pattern at night.

Pierre Sauvage Paris living room
living room

Pierre’s love of color, flowers and dogs is evidenced in the living room. A panoply of colorful orchids that he refers to as a horticultural cabinet of curiosities is always on display in a 19th c. mahogany jardinière surrounded by dog beds filled with toys for his beloved shih tzus. Inspired by the colors in Michael Aiduss’ trim collection for Houlès, Pierre designed giant whimsical planters for the fig trees, which segue into the magical dining room.

Pierre Sauvage planters
looking into the dining room

Here Pierre indulges his passion for entertaining. After taking over Casa Lopez in 2014, he expanded on the company’s well known rug collection, producing accessories for the home with a particular focus on tableware. His eclectic, casually chic and immaculate taste always yields a welcoming distinctive table,

Pierre Sauvage dining room
dining room

frequently set with wares from his store and his signature personalized rolls. Sharing his love of l’art de vivre is also a passion and Pierre, in his recent book, Be My Guest, invites readers into twenty friends’ homes, providing ample inspiration for interiors and table, including recipes.

Pierre Sauvage dining table
dining table

Working with designer Franz Potisek, Pierre continued the theme of blue in the bedroom and the concept of simple walls and bold patterned rugs that is employed throughout the apartment .

Pierre Sauvage Paris bedroom

The two also conceived of the brilliant bathroom design with a balustrade-enveloped hole in the ceiling that connects to a dressing room above.

Pierre Sauvage Paris bathroom

So thank you Pierre for so graciously welcoming us into your glorious Paris home! And be sure to see a select collection of Casa Lopez products on Q Worthy. They make entertaining effortless, casually chic and unique!

12 thoughts on “At Home in Paris with Pierre Sauvage

  1. Fabulous apartment! The wood work on the walls and floors are exquisite.I love all the flowers! They are so beautiful.
    Thank you for this amazing tour.

  2. I never comment, but had to say this apartment is incredible. Thank you for all your work in producing these amazing home tour videos!

  3. What a terrific visit! It was such a treat to see Pierre Sauvage’s Paris apartment. So many interesting and refined layers, gracefully presented by you and your team.

    Wonderful to see how you engage with Pierre. And of course, given your love of dogs and your delightful book
    “At Home with Dogs and Their Designers”, it is only natural that Pierre’s dogs were happy for you to hold them.

    Just to mention – Pierre’s arm was in a sling due to a minor horse riding accident. Fortunately he healed quickly.
    (I only know this from seeing his Instagram).

    I always am amazed how you know just the right ways to interview and ask such creative and caring questions.
    And Susan, you look lovely as always. Your dress is perfect for Pierre’s apartment!

    Bravo! Hope you had some time to also enjoy Paris.

    • Thank you John for your kind and comprehensive comment. It was such a great day filming with Pierre. I had been there before for the debut of Michael Aiduss’ collection for Houlès (you can see my post about that). Susanna always has a terrific rapport with our guests! And her dress did fit perfectly with the apartment’s decor. Thank you for reading and watching! Best, Stacey

      • What a treat to hear from you, Stacy. This gives the opportunity to directly express my admiration for your talents and abilities – nonpareil! Have a wonderful and colorful autumn – can’t wait for your next adventure.
        Very best,
        John H

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