House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year Finale

One of the most important considerations in any kitchen is storage and Mick De Giulio offered some beautiful solutions in his Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful. Taking a look at the island from the living side, you can see how he divided the large mass.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Cleverly coordinated, the visually heavier wenge wood insert on top has open area below for the beautiful Hickory Chair Madigan stools, while the lighter Caeserstone Supremo counter handled the bulk of the closed white cabinetry. And De Giulio added a little surprise under the counter to further lighten the look, relating it as well to the stools’ nail head trim.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Behind the white doors were wenge wood storage drawers – I love the contrast of both the materials and the two different nickel pulls!

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the YearThese concealed a fully functioning small home office with an adjustable laptop “desk”, including set up for a wireless connection, charging plugs and outlets. Other drawers were neatly filled with organizational supplies courtesy of The Container Store.

KraftMaid cabinetry in Kitchen of the YearThe wall behind the cooktop contained another of my very favorite features. De Giulio kept things elegant and simple by cladding the walls in the Caesarstone supremo. Yet behind the sheath of the stone he hid two spice storage areas, again trimmed with the polished stainless. He thoughtfully added a buffer area of stainless against the stone to prevent any caught fingers – again, it’s all in the details!!

Mick De Giulio 2012 Kitchen of the Year

Along the appliance wall, more storage areas were handsomely delineated with the wenge wood, elegant nickel pulls and the repetition of the polished stainless trim

KraftMaid cabinetry in the House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

One of the most distinctive pieces in the kitchen was the gorgeous De Giulio-designed Metal Boy available directly through de Giulio kitchen design. An alternative to the ubiquitous hanging rack, the slightly distressed stainless interior combined with the polished stainless and wenge wood gave it an industrial jewel like appearance.

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

A sculpture for pots and pans, it elicited oohs and aahs when the incredibly convenient lid drawer was opened, always a storage challenge.

Mick De Giulio Metal Boy in then2012 Kitchen of the Year

Behind the kitchen, hid the charming butler’s pantry. Again, a marvelous melding of materials yielded a room full of visual interest. De Giulio indicated the segue from kitchen to pantry by changing the handsome walnut Shaw flooring from straight plank to herringbone, perfect for the smaller space. Hand-scraped and distressed, it added a wonderful warmth and texture to the crisp and clean design.

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year by Mick De Giulio

Glass fronted KraftMaid cabinetry with mirrored backs and an antiqued mirrored backsplash helped to keep the small space open and bright. Attention to detail, such as the stainless switch plate make all the difference.

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

De Giulio brought in the blue from the adjoining “La Mattina” with same handsome Jonathan Adler Annapolis navy in the Kohler iron-tones sink and repeated the stainless theme, this time with a hammered finish that glittered with all the light streaming in from the terrace.

Kohler iron/tones sink in Mick De Giulio's Kitchen of the Year

The ceiling was a celestial surprise with blue Venetian plaster and Suzanne Kasler’s Apollo flush mount fixtures for Circa in gilded iron – a bit of a departure from the aesthetics in the rest of the kitchen.

Mick De Giulio designed Kitchen of the Year

A final feature to note was the variety of counter edges. De Giulio included some very clever details that could easily be overlooked but added to the subtle sense of a sculpted space. I loved the gentle curve of the Caesarstone overhang on the island. It added a lightness and softer feel to the shape as well as hid the power strip encased in the continuing theme of polished stainless borders.

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

The fireplace wall in the living area featured De Giulio’s elegant approach to balanced asymmetry. The muted horizontal linear ribbons of the Ann Sacks Palladium Noir were offset by simple geometric openings for the Napoleon fireplace, TV and logs. Notice how he created several layers within the space to avoid a flat mass of stone.

House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the YearAnd floating in between is a thin mantle, with the repeat of the stainless piping and a beautiful gentle curve of carved walnut underneath. It is this thoughtful attention to details that illustrated the mastery of De Giulio’s design skills. Hope you’ve enjoyed our look at House Beautiful’s amazing kitchen of the year. Next up a fabulous showhouse in the Hamptons.

21 thoughts on “House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year Finale

  1. What a great post! In general, on first glance, this is not my kind of kitchen at all, but when you break it down to the details and see how the function and design work seamlessly you have to appreciate its beauty even if its not your own style. WOnderful!

  2. You have brought this room to life (on the web) with words and imagery. Today, consumers demand function and beauty and Mick is a master at both! Thanks for post!

  3. Truly a dream kitchen! Every detail was so well thought out and is something that a cook would truly love. Wishing I hadn’t already done my kitchen…this makes me want to start anew!

  4. Stunning.. function, beauty, the whole ball of wax! Love those stools! Just when I think I’m “finished” I see something like this and start to re-think things.


  5. The kitchen is fabulous. The Metal Boy sculpture is the most amazing thing I have ever seen; so simple in its design yet filled with bling! The Herringbone floors, Venetian plaster ceiling, the leather bar stools; I have to go back and look some more.

    • Yes, it is through Mick De Giulio – I will email you directly as well to be sure you receive this info!! It’s so fabulous!!

  6. I love this kitchen. I had never heard of him until I fell upon his showroom in Wilmette, while shopping for a client. Sadly, she wasn’t in need of anything kitchen, so I had to make my visit quick. He is a master though.

    Thanks so much for taking us through all the details. I would’ve missed many without you!

  7. I would love to know where to purchase the Metal Boy cabinet by Mick DeGiulio. I live in North Carolina.

    Thanks Much


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