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House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year Finale

One of the most important considerations in any kitchen is storage and Mick De Giulio offered some beautiful solutions in his Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful. Taking a look at the island from the living side, you can see how he divided the large mass.…
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House Beautiful Mick De Giulio Kitchen of the Year

Mick De Giulio has been designing kitchens for over 40 years and his wealth of experience shows in his Kitchen of the Year. As De Giulio says, “I may call myself a kitchen designer, but what I really do is orchestrate and conduct the dreaming process.”…
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House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

As our lifestyles have evolved over the last few decades, there’s no doubt that the kitchen has become the hub of the house. Whether the focus is fine food, family management, entertaining or all three, this multi functional room has expanded, opening up and encompassing other living spaces.…
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