Greetings from the Dominican Republic

Greetings from the Dominican Republic! If you’ve noticed a little radio silence this week, it’s because I’ve been soaking up the pleasures of this amazing tropical island. From Casa de Campo to Punta Cana (with a visit to Bunny Williams’ and John Rosselli’s magnificent home), it’s been a week full of Caribbean delights. I’ll be back to report on everything. In the meantime, wishing you all a wonderful weekend and keep your fingers crossed for no snow!!

Domincan Republic collage

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9 Responses to Greetings from the Dominican Republic

  1. Elle says:

    Great photos.. Can’t wait to see the full report.

  2. Sara coax says:

    House tour video with Bunny Willams in Punta Cana?! Fingers crossed!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Looks pretty fabulous! Eager to see more!

  4. Karen Albert says:

    It has been years since vacationing in The Dominican Republic. It was a wonderful, wind-sailing, and horseback riding on the beach getaway, absolutely loved it! Enjoy Stacey!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Laura Taylor says:

    Love Casa de Compo. Originally decorated by Oscar de la Renta.
    Enjoy the sun!

  6. franki says:

    EnJOY!!! franki

  7. What a week! Perfection. Mary

  8. Cathi says:

    Just gorgeous… full sized pictures,please!

  9. Addison says:

    Waiting for more. Lovely pictures!

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