Gone Fishin’

Dear readers – I am taking a few days respite from the snow down south in Florida. You can follow along on Instagram if you’re in need of sunshine and warmth. I’ll be back in a few days with more updates from the world of design!

Florida house

Gone fishin' - Florida


Florida palms

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6 Responses to Gone Fishin’

  1. Elle says:

    You forgot to take me with you!!

  2. Sunny says:

    Are you at Windsor?

  3. Martha Spiegel says:

    Lovely? Where are these pictures from?

  4. donnaj says:

    if that’s a fishing shack i’d like to take up fishin. Lovely!

  5. tania vartan says:

    It’s about time you got some rest in the sun!!

  6. franki says:

    We’re vacay in “Lauderdale”…hasn’t it been spectacular??!! Best temps in five years!! EnJOY – go FISH! franki

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