Giving Thanks to You

Quintessence At Home Video with Susanna Salk and Howard Slatkin

Since this holiday weekend is all about giving thanks, I’d like to acknowledge the many featured guests and visitors who have helped Susanna’s and my videos reach 100,000 views on YouTube. While we are brimming with ideas for 2015, with many already in the works, we’d love to know if there are any stylemakers, subjects or destinations that you are longing for us cover. As our audience, your input is invaluable. Would you like to see more At Home visits with designers like Howard Slatkin

Quintessence At Home Video with Susanna Salk and Howard Slatkin

Alex Papachristidis

Quintessence At Home video with  Susanna Salk and Alex Papachristidis

Robert Couturier

Quintessence At Home with Susanna Salk and Robert Couturier video

Aerin Lauder

Quintessence At Home with Susanna Salk and Aerin Lauder video

Charlotte Moss

Quintessence video At Home with Susanna Salk and Charlotte Moss

Alexandra Champalimaud

Quintessence At Home with Susanna Salk and alexandra champalimaud videoMarian McEvoy

Quintessence At Home with Susanna Salk and Marian McEvoy video

or Bunny Williams at her iconic Connecticut pool house?

Quintessence bunny williams pool house video

Would you like to see more behind the scenes moments like the recent House Beautiful shoot at Susanna’s house

Quintessence Behinds the Scenes at a House Beautiful Shoot video

or at showhouses like Kips Bay

Young Huh and Susanna Salk in Quintessence Kips Bay video

Holiday House

matthew patrick smyth and susanna salk in Quintessence Holiday House video

or events like the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House gala?

Susanna Salk, Carolina Irving and Raul Avila in Quintessence Lenox Hill gala video Or would you prefer shopping trips with designers like Alexa Hampton

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Alexa Hampton

Mario Buatta

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Mario Buatta

Carolyne Roehm

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Carolyne Roehm

Mary McDonald

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Mary McDonaldAmanda Nisbet

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Amanda Nisbet

Eddie Ross

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Eddie Ross

or Scot Meacham Wood?

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Scot Meacham WoodPerhaps you especially love when we shop in special locations like Nantucket with Jill Kargman

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Jill Kargmanor Paris with Tim Corrigan?

Quintessence Stylish Shopping video with Susanna Salk and Tim Corrigan

Would you like us to visit more artists in their studios as we’ve done with Madeline Weinrib,

Quintessence In the Studio video with Susanna Salk and Madeline Weinrib

Frances Palmer and others?

Quintessence In the Studio video with Susanna Salk and Frances PalmerWe’re all ears! We are committed to “giving design a voice” and look forward to sharing more entertaining video episodes of inspiring and creative innovators. So as we thank you for your viewership, we ask what you’ve been secretly dying to see (within reason of course). Who knows where it may lead us?

17 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to You

  1. Oh gosh I LOVE everything you do! I love all the home tours, the shopping with designers, just everything! Please don’t stop! I would love to see a home tour with Laura Slatkin, Carolyn Roehm or maybe an interview with Carolina Herrera. This blog is a wonderful place. You are able to see inside the minds of great people which is something that I am grateful for.

  2. I enjoy being taken away with the lifestyle, beauty, art, and color. It’s a much needed educational escape. Thank you for your time dedicated to all of us who look forward to seeing, your posts.

  3. Much THANKS to Quintessence for style; marvelous interviews; beauty; design and, in general, FABULOUSNESS!! Looking forward to Quintessence with great anticipation in 2015!!

  4. I find the visits to homes very interesting. I’d love to see houses and projects by Ben Pentreath, Michael Smith, Steven Gambrel, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Gil Schafer, Kit Kemp, and Alexa Hampton. It’s inspiring to see inside the studios and fun to see shops, particularly the displays. This of course focuses on established accomplished designers. I’d really love it if you introduced me to new or under published designers. Howard Slatkin is an example of someone who’s work is so high profile that he isn’t often published. The House Beautiful shoot was fun to watch because we really saw your house versus the vignette captured in the photo. Thanks this is a great blog and you do a really great job Happy holidays!

  5. It’s all so good! I love seeing designers in their own ‘habitat’ and getting a look at showhouses I can’t visit but selfishly would love more shopping videos – where do designers like to ‘shop’ and what catches their eye? Looking forward to 2015!


  6. I love this series and am always excited when a new post/video arrives. My favorite features: those featureing designer interviews and shopping trips with “those-in-the-know”. That said, all posts are fantastic. Thanks for this amazing blog!!

  7. Possible visits with: Robert Passal, John Robshaw, Brian McCarthy, Miles Redd, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Steven Gambrel, Nicky Haslam, Lynn Von Kersting, Tom Scheerer, Jonathan Adler, Suzanne Rheinstein for a start….

  8. More visits to designer’s homes, please! Yes to John Robshaw, Lynn Von Kersting and Steven Gambrel. I wonder what John Saladino is up to these days and Lulu deKwiatkowski would be a fun visit.
    Thank you for such fine work.

  9. Truly I love it all, the behind the scenes looks are wonderful. Featuring artists like Frances Palmer to time with Alex, Carolyne, Robert Couturier, all wonderful!

    Here’s to a fabulous year of videos in 2015!
    The Arts by Karena

  10. Ok, I am double dipping but what about Meg Braff? I would love to see her house in Locust Valley and you could visit her shop as well… :-)

  11. Like everyone else who has replied, I too love the interviews and videos of designers and artists. I love the details of their businesses and lives and subsequently when I follow them on Instagram I feel as if I know them through the two of you. How about a behind the scene look at the visual designers that are so fabulous – maybe the group from the 7th floor at Bergdorf? Or maybe a peek into the workings of Veranda magazine. Really it doesn’t matter because everything you do is fabulous…

  12. Dear Stacey and Susanna,
    Please add my enthusiastic praise to the above for your work. I have enjoyed all the voices and images you have so generously presented. A wish list: Suzanne Rheinstein and her daughter in KRB discussing their individual styles. Shopping with Olasky and Sinsteden. I am very interested in the talent of Adam Charlap Hyman. His blog, For Pilar, is another favorite of mine. I am intrigued by the team comprising Tissues Tartar,although they may both live in Europe now, from them I would like a book list and small museums to visit…
    Continued success to you both and many thanks.
    Sincerely, Beth

  13. Dear Stacey and Susanna,

    Thank you so much for all your beautiful video presentations. Here is my bucket list for home tours 2015:
    Laura Slatkin, Carolina Herrera, Carolyn Roehm. Also, more of Alex Papachristidis and Aerin Lauder.

    Happy Holidays.

    Margie Preiss

  14. Been with you on U tube for many years ! Better with age ! But who’s counting . I’m waiting for that showing of
    Jill’s new getaway from Charleston. You seem to have met your soul mate when you were there. Fun Time.
    As always , a great Escape for me & others too ! Gardens have been – Wow! More Please , also would enjoy seeing
    Any 🚙 collections .
    Hope to see you with Furlow Gatewood in Ga. C.Moss winter home , while in area , maybe stop in on D. Easton .
    So many doors to knock on. Hope they all say Come !
    Ron in Vt.

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