Giving Design a Voice – A Look Back and Ahead

Susanna Salk and Miles Redd giving design a voice in the Quintessence video series

Welcome to 2019! As we all are celebrating the new year and thinking of what has passed and what is in store, I, along with my video partner Susanna Salk, want to thank all of you who have joined us on our design journeys around the world! Giving design a voice is our passion and we couldn’t bring you our video series without the generosity of all the hosts who have opened their doors to us thus far and those who are welcoming us in 2019. So to start off the new year in style, we have prepared a little overview that takes a look back and a peek ahead. We hope you enjoy and that you will tag along (if you subscribe, you’ll never miss a thing) as we visit at home with these talented designers and tastemakers around the globe!

Here’s to all the voices and laughter that inform and inspire – we are so grateful to be able to share your visions!

Susanna Salk and Miles Redd giving design a voice in the Quintessence video series

34 thoughts on “Giving Design a Voice – A Look Back and Ahead

  1. What a “trip” 2018!!! Best EVER and so looking forward to more in 2019!! YOU’AL ROCK!! franki

  2. Loved every minute of the 2018 year with you all. So soo inspiring! Can’t wait for 2019. Thank you💫💫

  3. Thank you both for this wonderful series – your work and time is most appreciated.

    Best wishes to you and Susanna for a wonderful, creative, and fulfilling 2019!

    • Thank you Lisa – so appreciate your recognition of the work involved! Will let Susanna know!

  4. The only blog that is truly professional. Wish more of the design magazines took a clue from you and instead of highlighting celebrities showed interior designers and their work. Like AD use to do. You do a great service in educating the general public on what designers really do. Thanks for your efforts. Looking forward to 2019

  5. I am not sure how I stumbled on to your site, but so glad I did. I have learned so much from your series and am thankful that the homeowners let us in to share their homes and creative vision. I have watched some episodes several times, much like a box of fine dark chocolates, I get to spend a few minutes to savor some beauty. Thanks Susanna and Stacey! Waiting for the next episode!

    • I’m so glad you found Quintessence too Eva! And so glad you find the video series informative as well as entertaining!!

  6. Enjoyed them all. Really like getting the notification of something new from Quintessence. Please more “Setting the Table with ….”

  7. Thank you for all the beautiful private homes that we would not ordinarily be able to see if not for your blog. I look forward to each of your postings!

  8. The best blog where we meet such great designers in the world of interiors. Looking forward to 2019.

  9. Happy New Year, Stacey and Susanna! Thank you for a wonderful year.

    Just wondering if you know the work of the designer Michael Maher.
    I’ve simply enjoyed his work in magazines and online.

    I am looking forward to Quintessence 2019!


  10. I know I must speak for everyone of your followers- YOU TWO NEVER DISAPPOINT!!!
    Keep up the great work you do, we can’t get enough!V

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