bohemiachic at Privet Lives

bohemiachic turquoise necklace

When at the Day of Design at the Mayflower Grace last month, fellow speaker Kathy McCarver Root sported a fantastic necklace I admired. She explained that the long chain, with a color coordinated assortment of unusual charms and objets, was the work of friend Maura de Visscher, founder of bohemiachic. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Privet Lives in New Preston, already a favorite stop in the area, was hosting Maura for their latest pop-up. I was up in Litchfield County on a shoot Monday and co-owner Suzanne Cassano was kind enough to open shop so I could have a peek.

bohemiachic at Privet Lives

A former fashion executive, de Visscher has long been a collector of artifacts, talismans and treasures from the cultures of the Silk Road. And with bohemiachic, she now creatively combines them into hand-crafted statement necklaces that have both visual and narrative appeal.

Privet Lives bohemiachic pop-up   Whether you like colorful style declarations

bohemiachic turquoise necklace

or more neutral accessory accents, there is something for everyone.

bohemiachic necklace at Privet Lives

Wonderful alone, these also look fabulous layered with other pieces in your accessory wardrobe.

Maura De Visscher bohemiachic

And while they pair marvelously with other boho chic items like this Madeline Weinrib caftan in the shop,

bohemiachic necklace with Madeline Weinrib caftan at Privet Lives

they add a little mystery to that plain white blouse or little black dress.

orange bohemiachic necklace at Privet Lives

In addition to her own creations, de Visscher is also presenting three carefully curated collections from her own “private stash.” Rosita is a line of intricate hand made jewelry by Rosita Ciani of Naples, Italy.

Rosita flower necklace at Privet Lives

These one of a kind pieces feature semi-precious stones, coral, beads and pearls, reflecting the artist’s love of nature.

Rosita semi-precious stone beaded necklace at Privet Lives

Rosita bracelets collected by bohemiachic at Privet Lives

You can indulge your inner Millicent Rogers with a great selection of vintage Native American sterling and turquoise pieces. And for further temptation, there is a selection of collectable fashion jewelry from such iconic designers as Robert Lee Morris, Giorgio Armani, Stephen Dweck and more.

Maura de Visscher vintage jewelry at Privet Lives

Maura de Visscher vintage turquoise jewelry at Privet Lives

Be prepared – it is a tempting treasure trove of covetable collections. And if you are in the area this weekend, stop in to meet bohemiachic designer Maura de Visscher, who will be at Privet Lives on Saturday (July 25th) from 12-5 pm.

5 thoughts on “bohemiachic at Privet Lives

  1. Adore her new line of jewelry!! I could easily choose several!
    Thanks for the introduction Stacey!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Now those are statement necklaces and we could so see you wearing one, Stacey! They are stunning – as much works of art as they are accessories. What a treat you were there to see them in person! Hope your summer is going well.
    C + C

  3. Those are gorgeous.

    Sadly, for me though, I don’t wear big jewelry at the moment as I live in Bangkok and it’s so hot and humid here I find it difficult to deal with :)

    But, back in the US and back to better weather, and those would suit my style perfectly. Just lovely.

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