Fashion Week Fall 2011: Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore, with her daughter Violet, looks happy for a reason.  With a renewed spirit, her fall collection reflected a lighter attitude. In fact the first part of the show was indeed ethereal and almost heavenly with the all white feminine layered looks.

This was one of the few shows where I saw narrow pants but the fall themes of sheer, fur and layering were evident, making these light white layers work for fall.

Lepore’s feminine boho vision was in full force in this collection, offering many long flirty flowing dresses matched with interesting knits.

There were also some more tailored pieces. This knit poncho was one of my favorites.

But most of the tailored pieces were, in typical Lepore fashion, layered with more girly underpinnings.

I loved this shearling jacket over a boudoir print slip dress. For me it has a wonderful vintage exotic appeal like something one would have worn in Shanghai in the 1920s. Of course the jacket on its own could be paired with many other pieces.

And see how she worked the tweed trend to her advantage with all the flounces while maintaining the more tailored elements such as the leather trim, patch pockets and epaulettes.

Mixed in with the whites and tweeds were some stunning jewel tones.

And of course the requisite black, which like many of the pieces in the second half of the show, were adorned with rhinestones.

All photos above: Alessandro Viero /

Another standout aspect of the collection was the oversized bag collection designed by Gryson. Frequently carried two at a time, the bags feature a variety of leather and fur in an assortment of sizes.

Bag photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

I sat behind Peter and Joy Gryson, there with their adorable daughter Olivia, who behaved like the perfect young fashionista!

Nanette has a wide audience and it’s easy to see why so many young stars gravitate to her clothing – it’s flirty and feminine but with a decidedly cool relaxed edge – you can feel dressed up but in a low key more casual way. And with such an appealing price point, it’s a great way to enter the designer market. So great to see Lepore at fashion week with her mojo back!!

32 thoughts on “Fashion Week Fall 2011: Nanette Lepore

  1. Oh can I be you Quintessence! I promise I would sit nicely and be a behaved fashionista. I have never enjoyed looking at fashion so much! See what your blog is doing to me? O.K., I was absolutely taken with the poncho. I love my capes and ponchos I brought back from Florence. I also really coveted that grey jacket with the ruffles. Other than the overall appeal of this line, the next item that caught my eye was the jewel toned dress, and Oh! yes! the square purse with the rounded handle. Thank you for my daily fashion update. Going to the gym now!

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! Oh that poncho is also one of my favorites!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS And thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog!

  3. Love that poncho too…between Kors and Lepore and TB, you managed to hit up all my faves….will try my hardest not to be seething with jealousy the next time we meet!:) Seriously, I loved reading your coverage of these shows! Great week of fashion over here!

  4. I could definitely see that poncho working its way into my closet! What a lovely week you’ve had. Now, should we hop a plane to Paris in a couple weeks? I think the street style alone would be worth the trip!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I find Nanette Lepore goodies at the boutique around the corner from my home every once in awhile and if it fits, it usually comes home with me!!! Those zebra boots are awesome, wish I could pull that off!!

  6. Okay perhaps this one is now my favorite, or at least tied for 1st. Beautiful, love every single piece (except the zebra shoes). Love the Shanghai in the 20s looks, and that tweed and yes the poncho calls to me as well.

  7. Have always been a big fan of her work, the fabrics and the tailoring are sublime! If this collection is not an inspiration to stay on my diet and lose the 5lbs I gained on that dessert show I don’t know what is!

    …and isn’t her daughter delightful!? both girls!

  8. Elegant and easy….love all the neutral pieces because I think would get a lot of mileage! She is a talented designer whose things I wear and own and love. Her daughter is adorable…perhaps will follow in moms footsteps? Thanks for featuring this favored designer and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. How refreshing! That floral slip dress is really lovely….and I love all the platform shoes – just the lift I need : ) Have a great weekend Q!! xo KO

  10. Wow, what a pretty flirty collection. Love it!
    How wonderful that you attend and report….Looks like a fun way to anticipate what the future holds!

  11. Beautiful collection!!! The poncho and the shearling jacket are definite favorites. Those last couple of dresses are gorgeous and a bit of a welcome departure than what I think of typical for LePore.

    What a fantastic fashion week you had!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  12. She is so gorgeous in that photo with her daughter, what a gift to be able to share that with Violet. I am surprised at how much I like a number of things, especially the knit poncho. The Gryson bags are outstanding, so attractive and so utilitarian. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely Fashion Week posts with all of us!

    With hopes you enjoy a splendid weekend,

  13. Oh, love love love the knit caplet—it’s fabulous! That jacket in tweed is also another favorite, though—lovely—thank you for sharing these…

    I wish you a relaxing weekend ahead,

  14. I adore Nanette. And I think she has gotten so much more refined and sophisticated in the last few seasons. Of course, I love that she is the woman who started “Save The Garment Center.”

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