Fashion Week Fall 2011: Michael Kors

Michael Kors pulled out all the stops today for his 30th anniversary show in the mobbed Theatre at Lincoln Center. And what a show it was – a true event. It featured high-style glamour reminiscent of the 70s but with an updated minimalism – all very Kors – luxe dressing at its best. As the models worked the catwalk to the disco soundtrack, we witnessed oodles of draped jersey, sequins, silk and fur rocking the runway. This show paid homage to Kors’ career and his “polished but easy” wearable styles –  because as he says, it may look beautiful on the runway, but if no one is wearing it, then it isn’t really fashion. And Kors is nothing if not wearable!! As with the other collections I’ve covered, layering here was key as well but in a very tonal way – layers of the same colors executed in different weights and materials. I loved this opening outfit – classic, elegant yet sexy.

The same colorway in another luxe layered look.

And how about this for updated glamour – the tunic over the loose pants -all flowing so easily and elegantly.

Same idea – slightly different draping and obviously different jewel toned colorway

I loved this fabulous monochromatic look of the oversized shaker knit sweater with the silk charmeuse pants. And you have to love that bag as a pure visual treat!!

Another luxe look at one of Kors’ favorite palates

Lots of plunging necklines combined with simple slim shapes celebrated an elongated silhouette.

And here is one of his versions of sheer – a trend that is showing up on all the runways.

My kind of cocktail party attire – although not so sure about the silver collar.

Another theme was jumpsuits, for day

or evening.

And it’s too bad these aren’t going to be ready in time for the Oscars

Here’s wishing the king of women’s luxury classics several more decades of timeless fashion!!

All photos (except 1st): Yannis Vlamos /

40 thoughts on “Fashion Week Fall 2011: Michael Kors

  1. Love to see Michael’s twist on the whole 70’s trend. Am I a little weird for liking the grey jumpsuit. One would have to be in tip top shape to pull that one off.

  2. Hi Christina – the gray jumpsuit is fabulous!! But you’re right, you’d have to be hitting the gym to look good in that – and I know from experience, that my size would never be long enough for my long-waisted body!

  3. I would love to have every one of these pieces [sans the collars] in my wardrobe – particularly the grey layers of warmth and texture = yummmmm!

    Felicity x

  4. Like the classic simplicity of his clothes…love the earthy toned fabrics and colors. I can’t say its my favorite collection as a whole but definitely there are some really pretty standouts.

  5. So different from yesterday’s fashion lineup but equally as enjoyable. All of the outfits just drip with casual elegance. The grey jumpsuit is a – WOW. The beautiful deep eggplant colored outfit caught my attention. I wish I could remember some of these designer names so that I could feel somewhat in the fashion know!!

  6. Hi, thanks so much for the comment on our post about NOT A GALLERY – I also LOVE that typewriter image!!

    Gosh, this post of MK was fabulous, makes me want to go shopping! I love the various furs, that camel color is gorgeous, and the gray jumpsuit – WOW!

  7. Q,

    I never see a fashion collection that I would buy it entirely if I could, this one is the first one! I truly LOVE every single picture here. This is so much my style.

    Have a blessed day! :-)


    Luciane at

    Post of the Day: Interior Designer Christina Murphy.

  8. Love how Michael Kors has stayed a steady course with luxe fashions that you could actually image wearing. That 2nd look from the runway would be my #1 look for next winter!!

    I saw his show last year — and it was the thrill of a lifetime.

  9. You’re right, so very very wearable. I loved every singe look (not the collars, too big). I’m a monochromatic gal so this was right up my alley. My favorite so far I think.

  10. I just LOVE the first look! A sublime classic and yes, sans necklace. The shaker knit with charmeuse pants is so much fun. Congratulations to Michael Kors! And, thanks to you for such great NYFW posts!! ; )

  11. You are killing me with your fabulous fashion posts – Killing me!!
    this collections is just beautiful.. I love a great pair of pants, beautiful knits and full lenght jackets – ..Gorge..

  12. How absolutely thrilling to have been able to have be in attendance. I am so excited for you! The energy must have been intoxicating. Thank you for sharing your favorites. I can see we have similar tastes. :) Michael Kors truly does have very wearable clothes and I find myself gravitating toward him more and more.

  13. Michael Kors always gets it right. If I could afford it, I’d wear that tunic sweater with fur topper all day and those silk charmeuse pants to bed at night. Sublime.

  14. I love this collection. The jumpsuits are to die for. I wish they’d use sheepskin instead of fox because I can’t wear real fur. I was going to do a post tomorrow trying to recreate some of the looks using what I already have.

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

    PS. Thanks for your comments yesterday, I’m so glad you love the song too. Liam Gallagher was the lead singer of a band called Oasis who are massive here.

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