Fall Clean Up

No I don’t mean getting rid of all those pesky leaves clogging your gutters. For any of you with southern blood, you’ll that when someone says you clean up well, it’s a compliment. So in preparation for the beginning of the holiday season, I thought I’d give you my favorite recommendations for cleaning up your complexion so you can put your best face forward!

As we all know, exfoliation is key to beautiful skin. It’s what gives you that fresh and healthy glow. I have two favorites in this category. The first is fast, easy and delivers quick results. Exfolikate by Kate Somerville uses fruit enzymes to clarify skin and remove dead cells. It takes less than a minute and leaves you with instantly refreshed skin ready for however you choose to moisturize. It is the line’s best selling product for good reason.

But sometimes you want to actually feel (and see) that you are ridding yourself of that dulling layer of dead skin cells. And for those instances, I like Sisley’s Creme Gommante (otherwise known as their Facial Buffing Cream). This, like all Sisley products, is made from botanicals, in this case natural extracts of chamomile and kaolin clay along with fine polishing granules to gently buff your skin to refine and clarify. You will actually see the remnants of the unwanted layer in your sink, which is somehow very gratifying. If you’re interested, please feel free, as I’ve mentioned before, to call my go-to Sisley girls at Saks, Vafa or Gosha at 203 862 5327. They are incredibly nice and helpful and I’m sure will sneak in a couple of free samples if you mention I sent you.

So, happy clean up. I’m sure you’ll all look glowing in time for Turkey Day!

8 thoughts on “Fall Clean Up

    • mdc – first time someone said it to me I was a bit taken aback! But I think it’s actually a great concept!

  1. I’ve never tried these products and they sound like they do their job of “cleaning up” very efficiently. I might have some shopping to do:-). Thanks for stopping by my blog and i hope you have a fab weekend! XX

  2. One of the nicest compliments that I get from the husband is “You certainly clean up well”. And as a Southern girl, I have learned lots of tricks to make this a well deserved compliment. I visited the famous Dr.Roy Geronomis on Friday for a procedure to remove precancerous lesions from my face (Southern, remember?). He had cleaned my face up with an arduous procedure 3 years ago and I was dreading this. However, this time he has tinkered with his many laser tools and refined the process of refinement! He performed a dual fraxal laser procedure on my complexion and I was able to visit my hairdresser this morning without a burka and sunglasses. My complexion will not only be free of those pesky actinic keratoses but will be smoother, free of discolorations and the overall effect will certainly be, “she cleaned up well”.

    • Dr. Pat – you always look like you’ve cleaned up well!! Sounds like Dr. Geronomis should be on everyone’s speed dial!

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