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It would be impossible to discuss interior design in London without mentioning the beautiful Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Our trip there coordinated with the opening day of FOCUS, their annual design show. This is when we visited the beautiful showrooms of sponsors Samuel Heath and Victoria + Baths, covered here. In addition, most of the showrooms offered something special – discussions, book signings or at least champagne!!

The showrooms are centered around the dramatic lobby/cafe where this beautiful mobile hangs, culminating in the dramatic glass dome atop the building

Beautiful floral arrangements adorned the showrooms

After visiting several, we attended a private talk with Decor 8′s Holly Becker, who offered insights on the genesis of her blog, tips for success and a peek inside the creation of her book.

There was design inspiration everywhere. I loved all the striped and patterned rugs.

the orange trim at Abbot and Boyd

the lovely furniture at JVB

I loved the clean classic lines at Davidson furniture. Their pieces were streamlined and beautifully made with lovely finishes and elegant hardware.

As we rounded the corner to see the back court showrooms, look who we ran into!

Barbara Barry was on her way to give a design lecture hosted by House & Garden.

Many of us loved the incredibly chic showroom of Italian company Dedar,

who has a new joint venture with Hermes. Together they have formed a new company, Faubourg Italia, which produces an entire collection of upholstery fabrics, wallpaper and carpets. Here is a sneak peek.

Our last stop was the beautiful new showroom at GP&J Baker. Many of us coincidentally showed up there together so of course we had to toast our good luck.

It was my never-ending quest for orange that led me to this beautiful chair, but I think it was the champagne that was responsible for the cheeky attitude!!

Chelsea Harbour has 90 showrooms representing over 500 international brands. We really only scratched the surface – there’s always next time!!

19 thoughts on “Chic Chelsea Harbour

  1. What a fabulous chair and you look non the less for wear after all the days in London town. Hermes doing a soft furnishings line…can’t wait to see that.
    Love the news bulletins from the other side of the pond!

  2. I am exhausted just reading your blog – the visual stimulation is overwhelming! I may have to take a day off from your travels! You on the other hand look very refreshed and quite energized – love the top!

  3. Love the orange trimmed blanket! And, what a darling photo of Barbara Barry… oh my Hermes, la maison!! Cheeky or not… I love that photo of you. A great series of London posts, Stacey. Thank you! ox

  4. Q,

    Is that you on that chair? My goodness, you’re gorgeous! So delicate, so feminine, so classy! Loved seeing you!
    Your post is fantastic. Barbara is always so adorable! I love her smile.

    Have a lovely day!


    Luciane at

  5. That chair! What a perfect perch for you — and you look fantastic. I think London suites you. How fun to run into Barbara Barry — this looks like the perfect day of beauty and inspiration. Thanks for taking us with you!

  6. So many great things. Love the rugs and the orange chair is wonderful. The champagne must of been wonderful to. You look beautiful. If I would of had the champagne, I would of looked goofy!

  7. Stacey!!! Love that picture of you in that fab chair – champagne or not!

    And, the orange trim on that throw – oh my….you MUST have that!
    xoxo E

  8. You would fit in perfectly in our family photos!
    I love Chelsea Harbour and Barbara Barry looks so very Lulu Guinessesque in that outfit.

  9. You must have been in heaven. What a great experience for you. I love so many of the items you featured. I also love orange. I want to go back and reread because this post is loaded with so much great information. Thanks!

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