Chasing the Wild at Samuel Owen

Greenwich, CT is lucky to have the addition of a wonderful new gallery on the avenue. Thursday evening Samuel Owen celebrated their fabulous first show in the space with a well attended reception for the artist, Roberto Dutesco. The widely known photographer’s exhibition “Chasing the Wild” included photographs from his seminal study of the wild horses on Sable Island, Nova Scotia as well as other subjects.

Roberto Dutesco was born in Romania, moving to Canada after attending the National School of Arts in Bucharest. His early commercial work from the late 1980’s – mid 90s was primarily in fashion, gracing the pages of Elle, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Flare and others. But in 1994, after watching a Canadian documentary about the remote location, Dutesco traveled to Sable Island for the first time, beginning what would become a 14 year photographic odyssey.

A government protected sand bar an hour plane ride from Halifax (in lower right corner of map), it is home to shipwrecks, seabirds, seals and the famous wild horses, now the only terrestrial mammals on the island. Descended from animals brought to Sable Island during the late 1700s, the horses and the island itself hold an unusual fascination for Dutesco, whose body of work on the subject is incredibly powerful and personal, exuding an intimate emotional life force.

Some of the photographs include hand drawn art on the mats, as above. And some involve innovative printing techniques like the toned metallic chromogenic prints below, face mounted on museum plexi and backed with aluminum. It makes for a marvelously clean presentation, with no distractions from the subject.

Watch this short video of Dutesco shooting on Sable Island

In addition to the horses, there are graphic landscapes,

visions of exotic locations

architectonic imagery

abstracted floral series

and even poetry

Clearly Dutesco is a creative force to be reckoned with,

as are Lee and Cindy Milazzo, the founders and owners of Samuel Owen Gallery. Their new 1,500 square foot space on Greenwich Avenue offers new exposure to this talented young couple’s endeavors.

Their original gallery in nearby Stamford, a 5,000 square foot loft space, named after their young sons Samuel and Owen, was started in 2005 as an extension of their framing business. The Stamford location quickly became known as the go-to place for fine art posters, prints and photography. In addition, they own Poster Conservation Inc., the largest poster restoration business in the world. Their framing business, which offers an array of hand crafted frames imported from around the world, will follow the new gallery to Greenwich later this year, while the poster business will remain in Stamford.

I am anticipating exciting things to come from this young creative couple. Lee, a graduate of Parsons in NYC, has always bought and sold art, amassing a collection of over 2,500 works. If this exhibit is an indication of their direction, the gallery will most certainly be on everyone’s map.

28 thoughts on “Chasing the Wild at Samuel Owen

  1. I adore horses and Roberto’s work is just mesmerizing! I can really see one of these photographs at our family ranch.

    Can’t wait to stop by this new gallery, closer to me than Stamford!!

  2. Oh my goodness, q. This selection is spectacular. Perfection is a better way to describe this artist’s work!
    Thank you for sharing his work. No doubt we will see more from him.

  3. Great post, I’ve been a fan of this gallery ever since they “popped up” in New Canaan…the new space looks perfect, not to mention the beautiful photos!

    • Yes the success of the pop up store in New Canaan is what inspired them to open in Greenwich!!

  4. “Creative Force” is an apt description. Love the breadth of his work — I’m especially drawn to the abstract flowers. How wonderful to have a new gallery in you community to showcase such talent!

  5. I’ve seen these photos in a number of interiors but could never find the credits. Thanks for sharing this artist!

  6. What beautiful images. I’ve always thought that sepia photographs were especially stylish. Maybe that’s because there’s a timelessness to them, certainly true of these.

  7. wonderful exhibit…
    and so timely as there is quite an interest in equestrian photography at present…
    exciting venture, I wish them plenty of success…


  8. Stunning. I am in awe. The horses… well, heart be still and obviously the photography is fanfreakintastic. I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching the video, just such pure beauty. When he said “If you give respect to what’s in front of you that will always be returned” I wanted to scream “YES”. What a dream to come true to be able to sit there and have that gorgeous noble creature nuzzle you – can’t even imagine. Very moving.

  9. loved that your post went into such detail about this significant gallery and their collaboration with such an amazing photographer. he work resonates deeply with me……….would have loved to been there

  10. How interesting that this post is about a location that we almost purchased tickets for a few days ago! Well, not exactly the island but we decided on a trip to Prince Edward Island so I have been researching that area. I think we will put it on hold, however, as a possible trip to Scotland may materialize!! So very exciting but waiting on details first. How amazing to see horses like that roaming freely and to be able to capture images of their beauty.

  11. What a beautiful gallery to showcase such spectacular artwork. The expression of the horses is fantastic. How lucky you are to have this new gallery so close!!

  12. Wow… Roberto Dutesco’s work is just so full of insight and truth to what he sees. I would love to explore his Sable Island photographs up-close. Samuel Owen appears to be an exciting addition to the Greenwich scene. Thanks Q!!

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