Floral Finds at the AD Home Design Show

It’s not new news that florals have been making a comeback everywhere from runway to interiors. At the AD Home Design Show they were seen in a variety of iterations.  It could be perennially spring in your rooms with Thomas Long‘s beautiful hand blown glass sculpture. His Fontainebleau, below, is a dream in aquamarine, key green and seafoam.

Thomas Long glass sculpture at the AD Home Design Show

Tyramin Design has closed the circle between fashion and interiors. From jewelry to furniture and accessories, artist Jenna Wetmore infuses her hand crafted work with personality and environmental responsibility.

Tyramin Succulent Mirror at the AD Home Design ShowHer Succulent Mirrors are cast in resin with incredibly lifelike detail.

Tyramin mirror detail at the AD Home Design ShowI always make a point to stop at Pennoyer Newman whose distinctive garden containers and accessories are exceptional additions to any outdoor environment. Whether cast from estate originals or new modern editions, they are forever classics.

Pennoyer Newman at the AD Home Design ShowOne of their new editions is this charming Olympian Winged Vase. Based on Hermes’ wings, it can sit upright, holding fresh flowers or hung on a wall as in their whimsical display.

Pennoyer Newman at the AD Home Design ShowDagmara Weinberg was trained as a graphic designer but found her calling in photography. Inspired by her love of nature, she shoots images of foliage, fruit, flowers, trees etc. which are then manipulated into abstract art of beautiful dimension. Cherry Blossoms, below, and

Dagmara Weinberg at the AD Home Design Show

Flowers No. 813, below, are examples of how she colorfully explores the graphic nature of nature. Her work is available framed or unframed and she accepts private commissions.

Dagmara Weinberg at the AD Home Design Show

Stop back tomorrow for a final look at finds from the AD Home Design Show.

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6 Responses to Floral Finds at the AD Home Design Show

  1. franki says:

    Watch out “Mother Nature”….. Fabulous creations! franki

  2. Elle says:

    A fresh and refined selection of ornamental florals In design – presented with your usual sophisticated editing. Coveting the fabulously detailed mirror.

  3. karena says:

    Thomas Long’s glass sculpture is so fabulous, Every thing about it!!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Betsy says:

    Love the mirror!

  5. Thom Senex says:

    Flowers bring so much colour and happiness. Love those prints – my local florist in west London also stocks prints by Maria Perrone and they are very beautiful!

  6. Uncle Chrisman says:

    my niece, yes I am prejudiced, has wonderful pieces!

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