At the Movies

Although I don’t officially feel in the back to school mode quite yet, I’m going to have to face the music soon since one of mine has already flown the coop. I know many of the southern schools have already begun, so I’ve chosen a movie this week to gently get us all in the mood.…
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Fantastical Friday!

Please stop back tomorrow for At the Movies. We’ve had a lot of comings and goings at the quintessential home this week culminating with one coming home from camp and one leaving for school yesterday. We actually had one night, for the first time in two months, where everyone was home together – quite the occasion!!…
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Wednesday Wine

My spirit of choice is vodka so I was thrilled to hear that Terry had an artisanal New England-made one to recommend. Vermont Gold Vodka is made, surprisingly, from the essence of Vermont – maple sap! Here’s Terry to tell you a bit more.…
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At the Movies

This week we visited Hotel California on Wednesday and the beautiful Migis Lodge in Maine yesterday. Progressive California and traditional New England together suggests one summer movie classic, continuing from my last Hayley Mills theme and that of course is The Parent Trap.…
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At the Movies | The Trouble with Angels

I felt I should feature a movie about France today since yesterday was Bastille Day and on Wednesday we covered a classic French Grand Cru but I’ve had Hayley Mills on my mind for weeks. We were  recently chatting about her on twitter, then Gaye over at Little Augury mentioned her and Liz Lange cited Pollyanna as inspiration in her recent BEHIND THE Q.…
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At the Movies

I hope you all had a chance to meet Liz Lange yesterday on BEHIND THE Q. If not, do pop on over – I promise you’ll have fun! And if you’ve already seen the video in the post, then you know her favorite fashion eras are the 60s and 70s – a time of both classic and updated glamour.…
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Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrating the fourth at the beach! Starting with dinner on the terrace The barge in preparation on the sound. And the highlight of the evening – fireworks over the water! Happy Birthday USA!
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At the Movies

Naturally I wanted to find a movie appropriate for the Fourth of July. It isn’t quite as easy as one might think. So I decided to pick a film with patriotic values, one that, however sentimental, represents  a sense of freedom and democratic ideals.…
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Tabletop for the Fourth

I’m still not quite sure who is actually going to be around for dinner on the fourth. Our house has been a bit of a revolving door so far this summer. Even so, I like to think about what I might be doing with the table.…
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Wednesday Wine

This week is all about celebrating the 4th of July. So for our Wednesday Wine, Terry has found a way to commemorate our national holiday with a relatively new American winery and a spin on one of our traditional favorite foods for the 4th.…
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