At Home in Seattle with Ted Kennedy Watson and Ted Sive

At Home with Ted Kennedy Watson

Inspired by an article they read, shop owner and author Ted Kennedy Watson and partner Ted Sive read, they decided they would like to have three small homes in different parts of the country – their pre-war Seattle apartment being their first, acquired over 30 years ago. Join me and Susanna as we visit the Teds in the charming Seattle abode.

During the week, the Teds can be found in their cozy city home, where they relax after work and frequently entertain. Hear how the Teds developed the color palette for the apartment inspired by their favorite Paris hotel.

Dining area at Ted Kennedy Watson Seattle home

See how Ted melded function with visual pleasure in his much used kitchen where his signature green and open shelving are the space’s secret sauce.

At Home with Ted Kennedy Watson

Discover what and how they collect and how Ted, a merchandising wizard at his two Seattle shops, Watson Kennedy, displays it all with aplomb. Watch as Ted explains his tips for kitchen storage and organization and how it enables their frequent entertaining with ease and style.

Ted Kennedy Watson Seattle store
Ted Kennedy Watson Seattle store

If in Seattle, be sure to visit the two Watson Kennedy shops – you’ll be greeted with a treasure trove of stylish temptation. Celebrating their 25th year, the stores are known for Ted’s magnificent color coordinated merchandising and selection of life-enhancing items for you and your home! Hear Ted talk about his signature color in the shop below!

Ted Kennedy Watson in his Seattle shop to explain his love of green!

And if you can’t get enough of Ted’s tips and relaxed entertaining style, be sure to check out Ted’s two books, Style & Simplicity and Ted Kennedy Watson’s Guide to Stylish Entertaining as well as our other two videos with the Ted team at their Vashon Island retreat and their Hudson Valley home ! You’ll be inspired, informed and entertained!!

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  1. His tips for kitchen storage are invaluable! I am renovating my house manually, inspired by a book titled “A Guide to Stylish Entertaining” that my mom bought for me from Watson Kennedy Fine Home. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of reading that book!

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