At Home in the Hudson Valley with Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson table

Since 1998 Ted Kennedy Watson has been helping customers make their homes and lives more beautiful through his two popular Watson Kennedy shops in Seattle, Washington. Whether in person or online, both locals and visitors from around the world, find endless temptation in the special, the must-have and the life-enhancing items Ted procures for the shops, all displayed with award-winning, inspired creativity. During the week, Ted and his husband, Ted Sive, live in Seattle, escaping to their Vashon island retreat on the weekends. But, in 2013, missing the changing seasons, they bought Hawthorne, their home in Ghent, New York. Tag along with me and Susanna for a visit with Ted and his adorable mini-schnauzer rescue dog, Bailey, at their charming Columbia county home.

Here, as in his stores and all his homes, Ted practices what he preaches – the art of everyday stylish living. As Barbara Barry explains in her foreword to Ted’s book Style & Simplicity (now in its 5th printing!), “Ted Kennedy Watson makes so apparent what is rare in people – someone who not only loves what he is doing, but also does it with love. There is no substitute for Ted’s discerning eye, no match for his talent, and no replacement for his hard work.”


But what is so remarkable is that it is all done with such ease and genuine enthusiasm. No detail escapes Ted’s eye and yet it all feels natural and appropriate.


Ted Kennedy Watson kitchenTed’s generous spirit infuses all that he touches. Every vignette includes a little something to tempt the senses, whether a fresh apple, a heavenly candle or just baked tart.

Ted Kennedy Watson vignette

And when you are at his home, his many creative ideas spark your own. Those who follow Ted on his daily blog know the simple luxuries he shares, from floral arrangements to recipes to the latest finds from his journeys near and far that he incorporates into his daily life.

Ted Kennedy WatsonFor those inspired by Ted’s infectious upbeat style, just answer the following question for a surprise gift. The first three commenters who correctly identify how many Benjamin Moore greens Ted used in his home (mentioned in the video), will each receive a signed copy of Ted’s book, below – a special holiday treat.


So thank you Ted, we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our inspiring visit and delicious treats. For one stop holiday shopping, Watson Kennedy can’t be beat and for more adventures in stylish living, be sure to follow Ted on his Instagram feed!

Ted Kennedy Watson tableall photos (except books) by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

27 thoughts on “At Home in the Hudson Valley with Ted Kennedy Watson

  1. Fascinating!! Love this wonderful tour, I actually felt like a welcomed guest in his lovely home full of natures best GREENS all FOUR of them that he used in his home to give a little surprise, yet subtle variety!

  2. Just a fabulous tour, ladies!! Ted and Ted are the MOST fabulous hosts…as is Miss Bailey. You have showcased Ted’s warmth and eye for detail that makes Hawthorne such a special place.

  3. We met “The Teds” years ago through and an old friend of theirs on the North Fork and had the opportunity to visit them and their stores in Seattle years ago… Love that you covered them! So very gracious, fun and talented!

  4. Two great gals…. One fascinating guy.
    Well done……. Super simple ideas.
    Susan bowers 💚

  5. I feel like I was at Hawthorne with you, too fun! Your place is stunning….can’t wait for Jim n I to visit you. Love~Sissy

  6. Everything is so welcoming, but I especially love that kitchen, so warm. Four shades of green were used, stunningly. I feel so fortunate to have his stores right here in Seattle.

  7. Great tour Enjoyed seeing his home. Four shades of green used in the home. Green also is my favorite color! Definitely will visit his store.

  8. Well, he mentioned 4 greens he used on the walls, but that’s not counting the incredible range of greens used in the decor. This green girl LOVED seeing how he fearlessly blended the various green tones of lamps, cutlery, towels etc…, accented by crisp white. What are the “apples” on the outside table – candles or decorative elements? Might need to head up I-5 to Seattle!

  9. I always seem to think your last is your best, but I think it’s very true here. Susanna is now really doing a wonderful job relaxing and being natural with the host/hostess even though I can imagine that some locales are more intimidating and awe-inspiring than others. This was just a wonderful overview of a home we’ve only seen in snippets on Ted’s blog and instagram feed. And it definitely was the PERFECT day. Congratulations on this series. I really look forward to every posting! Thank you.

  10. Love you, Ted! Have loved following your blog for a long time, and have enjoyed selling your book in my shop. So happy to see Hawthorne up close and personal. Great post, Stacey, wonderful images. And, thanks for the tour, Susanna!

  11. Four wonderful greens. A couple of years back we were in Seattle for a couple of days before we left on our cruise to Alaska. I found Ted’s shop while we were in Pike’s Market. I fell in love,love,love. I bought Ted’s book and enjoyed reading it while on the cruise. Have reread it many times since.

  12. Green! The color of the heart chakra, therefore the true color of love. Four. The same number as there are chambers in the human heart! Thanks for sharing more of Hawthorne with all of us.

  13. Four Greens.
    Ted is the epitome of fresh, new, recent, vintage and real.
    The optomistic greens pop with white like no other.
    The bar held bamboo handled silverware, (I want), modern green plastic ice bucket and deer pitcher, and cheese on separate plates, yes, on their own. Herb chèvre under the chicken skin, on a cookie sheet over onions, where is this recipe? On the dining table were the spindle candle-obras and striped candles with very bulbous clear glasses and vase, the fork and knife to the right of the plate, Laguiole? The spindle twin beds with green bar stools as night stands, and the H monogrammed blankets, so yummy. Yes, mismatched frames are cool, as are botanicals, and that green bamboo chair…
    Ted, you’re killing me. I need a link to everything you’ve ever written.
    Thank you Susanna Salk for introducing me to an amazing blessed, designer!

  14. It seems we would all love a copy of Ted’s book which if I am not a winner will just have to go out and purchase. The four greens are an amazing look and one worth putting into practise next time I decorate. Will be subscribing to Ted’s blog to get all his lovely tips. Cheese on individual plates is a marvellous idea. Hope you post to Western Australia.
    Christmas wishes to you.

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