At Home in Pasadena with Kate Stamps

“Not everything should be perfect.” This simple phrase speaks volumes about Odom and Kate Stamps’ approach to both their own home and the many houses and gardens they design for others. Now that does not in any way describe their actual design work, which is thoughtful, exacting and detailed, but rather the final effect, which results in rooms of “grace and lack of pretension.” Please join Susanna and me for a behind the scenes visit to Kate and Odom Stamps’ evocative home in Pasadena.

At Home in Pasadena with Kate StampsFor the many fans of Kate and Odom Stamps’ classically inspired interiors, each peek into their charming and layered home on their popular Instagram feed elicits a multitude of joyful and admiring comments. Perhaps it’s because their interiors are the antithesis of so much of the sameness we see now. These are indeed not perfect rooms, but rather seemingly unstudied spaces exuding comfort, personality and a sense of lives being lived.

Stamps and Stamps bedroom via Quintessence

Experienced in renovating older homes, Odom, the architect of the Stamps and Stamps duo, creatively reimagined their original 1904 carriage house without increasing the footprint but yet doubling the living area. It still retains its cottage feel but now offers additional room to incorporate their many books and collections,

At Home with Stamps and Stamps via Quintessenceas well as a variety of spaces in which to read, relax and effortlessly entertain.

Stamps and Stamps dining room via Quintessence Likewise, Kate has created interiors with charm, sensitivity and an educated respect for history and sense of place. With multiple layers, her rooms exude character, comfort and soul.

Stamps and Stamps in Pasadena via Quintessenceall photos above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

With a passion for antiques and textiles and an impressive knowledge of the decorative arts and architecture, Kate and Odom continue to strive for authenticity, quality and attention to detail in all their work.

Stamps and Stamps Style and SensibilityTheir new book, Stamps & Stamps, Style and Sensitivity shares both their own home and a selection of projects. While the featured homes may range in style, from bohemian, below,

Stamps and Stamps Silver Lake project from book to formal Georgian, they share a layered eclecticism that resonates personally for each client. Odom upped the charm by adding dormers in the bedroom below, which Kate filled with an appealing array of textiles, antiques and art.

Stamps and stamps bedroom from book

For a house in Los Angeles, Odom designed a new loggia with bold columns and treillage, below, with a floor reclaimed from a demolished French chateau and Kate furnished with a mix of new and antique furniture and accessories. For all lovers of timeless style and quiet, sophisticated luxury, the book is a wonderful addition to your design library. Signed copies can be ordered through the Stamps and Stamps website.

Stamps and Stamps Hancock Park projectfour photos above by Kate Stamps for Stamps and Stamps, Style & Sensibility

So thank you Kate for welcoming us to your lovely home. It was a privilege and a pleasure!

11 thoughts on “At Home in Pasadena with Kate Stamps

  1. THAT WAS AMAZING…”Ingenuity, Ingenuity, Ingenuity.” This “took me away” as yours does & brought sense to how I”feel” about beautiful thoughts and, well, design. It felt so good. franki

  2. Just fabulous. Thank you for this wonderful post, Stacey and Susanna. I just love all things related to interior design and decoration, and an avid follower of designers, but until now I had never heard of Odom and Kate Stamps. Thank you so much for introducing them to me. Such amazing and talented people.

  3. Lovely Post with Kate Stamp narrating. Perfect to hear her explaining her aesthetic.
    Would prefer all posts to be filmed in this manner. I usually turn off the sound and watch video only.

  4. Bravo Kate and Odom! I had the pleasure of building my house with this fabulous duo. Never a problem, the most humble, intentional, talented people. Learning so much about antiques from Kate as she shopped the auctions and secret spots around the globe. I can’t wait to get the book! xo

  5. I missed Susanna’s voice and interviewing skills, which make the Quintessence videos so vibrant and informative. Please, bring her back!

  6. lovely and everything looks so COMFORTABLE, a fabulous mix of collected, old, new and the most lovely shade of green on their home. ‘The Secret Garden’, wonderful!

  7. Es una firma maravillosa. No dejo de admirar tanta belleza donde las telas y la calidez de los colores junto con un mobiliario clásico de aspecto vivido forman un conjunto encantador.

  8. Do the Stamps design structures from the ground up or give plans for Accessory Dwelling Units.
    I am thinking of building such a unit on my property here in San Mateo, California. But I want a cottage feel to the unit. Please let me know.
    Thank you

    • Hi Kay – you would need to write to them about that. I’m sure there’s a contact option on their site! Thanks for watching!

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