At Home and in the Office with Miles Redd

With a love of timeless style from fashion to film, a deep knowledge of design and decorative arts and an uncanny ability to mix high and low with aplomb, Miles Redd is a designer whose rooms glow with glamour and creativity. And no matter the style, his sophisticated take on how to live is infused with a joy and often whimsy that is distinctively his. Tag along with me and Susanna as we visit Miles in his chic NYC townhouse and stylish new Chelsea office.

Miles is a great example of maximalist decorating brimming with inventiveness and personality. Always looking back to move forward, he has the knack of knowing how to combine colors, scale and unlikely elements to the greatest effect. In his own home, inventive touches show just how how current timeless glamour can be.

Miles Redd at home

And in Miles’ world every surface is considered and no door goes unloved – a signature touch.

Miles Redd

Layers of art, accessories and thoughtful details are what distinguish Miles’ work with the perfect ying/yang of elegant femininity and bold masculine strokes.

Miles Redd guest bedroom

And it’s the same with his collection of fabrics, wallpaper and trims for Schumacher – our wonderful video sponsor. The first editor to feature Miles’ work, Dara Caponigro and Miles have had a long and productive history. And on the second day of her job as Creative Director of Schumacher, Dara called Miles to ask him to create a line for them. Happily he agreed and the collection is, not surprisingly, a vibrant and vivacious creative collaboration between two innovative and creative forces in design.

Miles Redd living room

From an exuburant chintz like Brighton Pavillion, as seen in Miles’ living room, above, to the graphic cut velvet Wave in black and white, below, there is a eclectic range to suit a wide variety of applications. As Miles explained in the Schumacher Bulletin (be sure you’re on the list for this as well as their stylish newsletter), “I’ve always been drawn to the graphic, but graphic doesn’t sing unless you have something organic next to it. It’s the tension of the two elements that makes decorating exciting.”

miles Redd Wave for Schumacherphoto courtesy of Schumacher

So thank you Miles, we are thrilled to be able to share your exceptional talent and joie de vivre both at home and in your chic office!!

Susanna Salk and Miles Redd-1

all photos unless otherwise specified by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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18 Responses to At Home and in the Office with Miles Redd

  1. Elle says:

    Miles’ talent is an art as well as a gift. You captured so well the range of his aesthetic and his ability to layer, juxtapose, balance and experiment. Also an incredibly informative video, I appreciated his decorating insights and the insider intel on the Schumacher newletter! Thank you for such worthwhile viewing and reading.

  2. Cindy White says:

    He is fabulous and this video is fabulous! Such a treat – you never disappoint!

  3. Hazel Lavelle says:

    Thankyou Stacey and Susanna for the fabulous post ‘ so inspiring , I love miles work , you both have started my day so nicely . Love Hazel. (Manchester uk) X

  4. This is so interesting. Often I am turned off by colorful interiors because they feel either too bohemian or too modern/trendy/cheap/soon-to-be-regretted for my tastes. Miles Redd manages to make color look classic, timeless, but not boring or staid. Your detailed shots are very instructional.

  5. franki parde says:

    What visual!! What a visionary!! He is my hero. franki

  6. Lyn C. says:

    Swoon. I’m a long time admirer of Mr. Redd’s colour virtuosity and style but seeing the flow and juxtapositions of rooms through video added an entirely different dimension, allowing us to see (some) rooms we’ve seen a thousand times in an entirely different light along with some new areas. How light comes through the windows, how he groups art and where (everywhere!), and small touches I’ve missed before reveal the master’s touch. Many thanks to your team and to Mr. Redd for sharing this.

    • Stacey Bewkes says:

      Thank you Lyn! This is exactly why Susanna and I do this video series. Even if you have seen images of these homes in print, it is an entirely new dimension on “film” – not to mention seeing and hearing the designer’s thoughts and vision in person in situ!

  7. Preston says:

    I heard Miles speak a year ago and he was fabulous! Great video, really captured this charming designer.

  8. Laurie Dorfman says:

    Miles is the absolute best!!! Thank you for the thoughtful questions you posed and the great video tour. Love your blog – well done!

  9. Teresa Person says:

    Incredible… loved every moment of this visit w/ Miles Redd… thank you so much for sharing this Teresa

  10. Maura Kent says:

    Loved this! So rare to see Miles Redd on film. Thank you Stacey and Susanna!

  11. Brigitte Robeis says:

    Ein Vulkan an Inspiration , herrlich anzuschauen . Chapeau Mister Miles Redd

  12. Simply Sublime in every way! The colors, the textures, the comfort level and the sophistication are all on another level! J’adore it all….Hearts and Flowers for Miles Redd!!

  13. AL Spok says:

    Miles Redd always make’s me want to do more with Home !

  14. Sara coax says:

    What a treat! Thank you Miles for sharing your home & office with us. Your work is inspiring!

  15. Abel Tootle Jr. says:

    I watched it three times immediately after viewing it once! Very impressed by his eye for beauty and color and comfort. I loved the way he organized his art — salon style — throughout the home. The take-away for me: combining the graphic and the organic with bold colors, art, and, of course, the reimagined door!

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