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Dogs and Their Designers Video

When Susanna and I thought we might like to do a year end video celebrating dogs and their designers (as Steven Gambrel so cleverly put it), emails went out and within a few hours we had responses from most, all enthusiastic to participate.…
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Quintessential Guide to Champagne 2013

At this festive time of year, it’s become tradition in these parts to publish my Quintessential Guide to Champagne. For those of you who have read it before, feel feel to use it as a refresher and for those new readers, who perhaps didn’t follow along when I used to post about wine, welcome to the world of bubbly!…
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Rustic Chic New Year’s Lunch with Aerin Lauder

Attending elaborate parties thrown by her legendary grandmother, Estée Lauder, certainly influenced Aerin Lauder’s entertaining style. And tempered by her mother’s less is more sensibility, Aerin has developed her own take on her family’s holiday traditions. The upcoming January/February issue of Veranda features a festive New Year’s lunch at the family’s Long Island compound, where, in an old barn on the property, Aerin prepared a rustic chic Austrian-inspired affair.…
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Merry Christmas

To all who celebrate, wishing you a very Merry Christmas, from my home to yours! Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
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Design Books Round Up

Although I started this fall with the best intentions, I somehow never managed to finish writing about the overwhelming number of design books this season. For anyone needing to fill out some last minute gifts, I suggest you hightail it to your local bookstore where you will surely find something for anyone on your list.…
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JAR at the Met

Not only is the JAR exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum the first US retrospective of jewelry designer Joel A. Rosenthal’s work, but the first at the museum devoted to any living  jeweler, or in Rosenthal’s case, artist, whose medium happens to be gems. …
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Try as I might, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get together my post on the JAR exhibit at the Met. So in the meantime, I offer you this delicious little morsel to whet your appetite. Stop by later to see more from this incredible exhibit.…
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Interwoven Globe and JAR at the Met

As many of you head into the city for a holiday visit, I would encourage you to make a stop at the Metropolitan Museum to see two exceptional exhibits. Last month I was part of a small group of editors, writers and designers, assembled by Patrick Frey, to privately tour Interwoven Globe with curator Melinda Watt.…
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Art at the 2013 Holiday House Finale

As the snow was falling yesterday, I was reminded of designer Darrin Varden‘s chic Winter Solstice lounge at the 2013 Holiday House. A perfect spot to entertain during the long winter nights, the room also embraced the holiday’s celebration of rebirth and renewal.…
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Art at Holiday House NYC Continued

Proving that small spaces can have big impact, Patrick Hamilton imbued his tiny Holiday House NYC room with mansion-sized luxe appeal. Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day (remembering each room celebrates a holiday or special occasion), he envisioned a vignette representing the upstairs sitting room of a Dublin row house.…
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