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Preparations Underway

Hello all!! A little change of plans here in the land of Q. Due to an unforeseen, uncooperative and rather frustrating back issue, I am a tad behind in my research, writing and editing. The good news is that I am working on several exciting projects –  a FABULOUS new BEHIND THE Q (in the hopper but not yet edited) with a very special someone, a new non-blog project debuting next month (for a product line you will all adore), and another new feature here that I will be starting work on this week.…

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At the Movies

This week we visited Hotel California on Wednesday and the beautiful Migis Lodge in Maine yesterday. Progressive California and traditional New England together suggests one summer movie classic, continuing from my last Hayley Mills theme and that of course is The Parent Trap.…

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Migis Magic

As our world continues to function at an increasingly frenetic pace, I’ve noticed that many of us have been referencing earlier times, eras of gracious living, when life was not quite so hectic and harried. As I headed up to visit my younger daughter at her camp in Maine last weekend, looking forward to seeing her was only a part of my anticipation.…

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Wednesday Wine

In perfect harmony with our summer weather, Terry is introducing us today to a special drink of the non-wine variety.
Welcome to the Hotel California – Tequila That Is!!
Hotel California Tequila has written its own romantic, magical story for generations. …

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Back from Maine

I had intended on posting today about the marvelous resort I stayed at this past weekend in Maine. But after a long trip home, I was just too exhausted to pull it all together. I apologize to all you loyal readers.…

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Bel Air Beauty

I know, I know, it’s supposed to be At the Movies today. But this week got all topsy turvy, so we’ll resume next week!! In the meantime, let’s take a look at the renovation of a Los Angeles landmark.
The Hotel Bel-Air has been an iconic location in Los Angeles for the last 55 years.…

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Wednesday Wine

So we switched it up a bit this week. We are making our wine discoveries on Thursday this time. Today, Terry introduces us to a revitalized classic in Hungary. For any of you who have never had a Tokaj wine, you are in for a treat!!…

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NYC Shopping Spree with Liz – My Picks

Although today is normally Wednesday Wines, Terry was having technical difficulties. Luckily I remembered I had never shared with you my picks from Liz Lange’s and my NYC shopping spree for BEHIND THE Q.
It was tough to narrow things down at the Milly Madison Avenue flagship boutique.…

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Summer Travel Tips

As many people are getting ready for summer travel, I thought I would offer a few of my favorite packing tips for when I go away.
As far as determining what clothing to bring, I have learned all I know from my sister, who used to travel around the world for work.…

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At the Movies

I felt I should feature a movie about France today since yesterday was Bastille Day and on Wednesday we covered a classic French Grand Cru but I’ve had Hayley Mills on my mind for weeks. We were chatting about her on twitter one evening, then Gaye over at Little Augury mentioned her and Liz Lange cited Pollyanna as inspiration in her recent BEHIND THE Q.…

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