Summer Travel Tips

As many people are getting ready for summer travel, I thought I would offer a few of my favorite packing tips for when I go away.

As far as determining what clothing to bring, I have learned all I know from my sister, who used to travel around the world for work. She is an expert at packing efficiently for ultimate chicness at every occasion. The key is to plan your wardrobe around one or two basic hues. You must be brutal with yourself when choosing – no exceptions!  My summer wardrobe usually revolves around navy and white with pops of color thrown in with jewelry, scarves, tanks etc. Here is a perfect example of what I might bring to the beach where it gets cool at night. All of the pieces can easily mix and match with other items. Go from day from evening with changes in shoes, jewelry, bag and make up!! This casual outfit could easily be transformed for a dressier night out by switching out the sailor top with a sexy tank, chunky jewelry and heels! The light scarf could double as a shawl for a not-too-cold evening.

And here’s one of my favorite travel secrets that was one of the best stocking presents I ever received (from my clever sister of course) – hem tape. That’s how I wear the same white jeans with these flats and then my heels at night!! It’s also handy for a variety of sartorial emergencies.

Another trick my sister taught me was invaluable the last time I went to Europe. Once you have planned your wardrobe, take photos of all your coordinated outfits with your phone or camera. It requires a bit of time but then when you are on vacation, you won’t even have to think about what you are going to wear. Just refer to your shots and you’re ready!! Here are a couple pictures from that trip which revolved around gray and camel.

As for the actual packing, be sure to save those clear plastic dry cleaner bags. They are essential for keeping clothes wrinkle free. Just place your garment flat inside and then gently fold to fit your suitcase. I recently packed this micro pleated skirt for blogfest. Here it is being packed.

And see how perfectly it emerged – all those tiny pleats intact!!

More travel tips soon!! Bon voyage!!

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  1. I love your idea of taking photos of the ensembles, and then there you are all pulled together! I am also going to stick with fewer colors in the palette and then mix and match!


    Art by Karena

  2. Great tips here – I am off to check out hem tape! Love the idea of taking pictures too since I often get somewhere and then think I have nothing to wear, trying to remember why on earth I packed what I did! ;) Great post – very helpful!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I’ll follow the plastic bag idea, and not only for holidays, but for every single trip from now on! I’m hosting a Catrina Sculpture Giveway, would you like to participate? Huge Hug! XoXo

  4. Great tips! My fondest travel memories and lessons learned were when I was pregnant with our twins and I had to travel for work to many countries in just a few days. It was easy when I was limited to just a few outfits and accessories.
    Setting limits helped me to focus and to travel lighter.

  5. Love this, some of these things I do but a few new tips that are excellent. I like the idea of taking pics of the outfits, I normally write them down but picture taking will save some time for sure, love hem tape and save every plastic bag from the cleaners, someone I know who travels half the year gave me those two tips. Hope you are headed somewhere fun…thanks for the tips!

  6. Great tips, Q! Fortunately for me, we’re heading to the Cape and keeping low key – a swimsuit and a cover-up for day and a pair of white pants and a teen for night! But I still have to pack for my boys :(

  7. I could have used this advice 2 weeks ago!!! I used to be so good at packing and notice the less I travel, the more I struggle with getting it right. However, I did far better than my husband or kids last week, all of them easily had a months worth of outfits crammed into suitcases! I generally pack less than I should just so I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing my entire trip or check my bag. Love the hem tape idea so much!

  8. Ooh how fun. This really gets me into the mood to travel. (Ireland…in Oct. is coming up!) My husband would die laughing if he saw this post. He literally takes a handful of shirts on the hangers, hangs them in his suitcase…handful of pants on the hangers…throws in 7-8 changes of socks, etc. …2 pairs of shoes…folds the suitcase in half and done! He gets to a hotel and literally takes it all out (on hangers still) and puts everything right into the hotel closet. We are ALWAYS ribbing each other on our packing methods. I do your method. I lay everything out, accessories and al. Now my daughter does the same. The son…exactly like his Dad. Oh, I’ve written a book!! Have a great day!

  9. great tips! I love the idea of snapping pics of your outfits. Now if only my guy could learn a thing or two about travelling light – he’s worse than a girl! :)

  10. I torture myself packing for a trip! Love the pictures – right now I cant remember what’s at the bottom of my bag and therefore haven’t worn it! I will be getting Hem tape for my next trip! Thanks! Ridgely

  11. Oh you are much more chic than I. Your beach outfit alone puts me to shame since last month at the beach I could be seen (or hopefully not) in a sweatshirt with a couple holes and some very frayed linen pants :)

    I put my outfits together as I pack and am a big believer in the keep the color to one or two tones (for the shoes) but I never thought to take photos -genius! This is important for me because my memory leaves something to be desired lately :)

  12. We have very similar approaches to the task, although I am the worst when it comes to winnowing down the shoes, a terrible weakness as they take up the most room. I still resort to the tissue paper for folded items, it takes a little longer but generally pays off over the long haul.

    I love the ensembles you show, very elegant indeed!

  13. I like re-useable plastic pouches from L.L. Bean that zip shut and tissue paper! I still have difficulty paring down when I pack but I like to say… “have sarong, will travel.” Great tips! ox

  14. Hi Stacey: I approve wholeheartedly of your ensembles–very elegant. Love the Belgians, mine are trashed!! I concur with the crowd on hem tape.

  15. Hem Tape what a great Idea! Thank you for the tips on packing, I will surely put these tips in use when I go on my vacation this August. Now I know how to use those dry clean plastics.

  16. You are spot-on, Stacey, as always. And, I love your travel wardrobe choices.
    I agree, about the plastic bags from the dry cleaners, usually my cleaner will just roll off the number I need and give them to me when I ask. Life saving for sure.
    And, the scarf…absolute necessity when travelling. Great post. xx’s

  17. there certainly are little secrets to traveling and still maintain a little style and flair..
    I agree that keeping ones wardrobe whittled down to one or two basic color and a few accessories is essential…love your travel wardrobe..

  18. With the last name “Packer”, and having traveled the 7 continents and 7 seas, I always thought I was the master jammer at packing, and then POOF!!!!! Q has added 3 new concepts to my travel task list. I will add a few tips for business travelers – 1) Keep a basic business suit, white shirt, and stockings always hung in a garment bag and ready to be folded into your overnight bag. 2) Keep your toiletries bag constantly packed/replenished with essentials or particular needs – you can always get toothpaste or skip a shampoo, but you may not find your moisturizer or specialty eye cream easily… 3) A perfectly tailored tropical weight wool blazer (custom made if you have a good tailor – I recommend men’s tailors) can be worn in both professional and casual settings, and almost all year round. Consider treating yourself, it simplifies wardrobe decisions, and looks perfect in most occasions

  19. Happy Travels!! One of my best friends is a Vogue editor- she always tellsme..Jill if you pack too much it’s because you don’t have the right clothes. When you own the right clothing items you always travel super light. Needless to say her luggage is non existent and she always looks fantastic.

  20. So helpful, Stacy!!! I think I need to be a bit more brutal in my editing up front. The Hemp Tape I’ve never heard of…..sounds like a must have.

    Is “someone” heading off on vacation? :)

  21. I’ve never heard of hem tape until now – thank you. This was quite timely as I have 6 trips in the next 2 months & I like to pack light so I can fit in purchases.

  22. ha ha! i’ll have to show my hubby this post. he recently saw the ad about hem tape on t.v. and scoffed at it. of course, it’s not geared toward males and i totally got it, but he i guess he has had enough of those ads…. anyway, i should probably get some hem tape too:-). invaluable tips you shared-thank you!

  23. Hem tape & photos! Brilliant! Would have saved Taylor and I a lot of time in Santa Fe.
    xo Lisa

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