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Here is my next wish list installment. So do you remember in Rear Window when the incredibly chic Grace Kelly,

playing a fashion editor (dressed by Edith Head of course), comes over to Jimmy Stewart’s apartment with that fabulous Mark Cross bag?

The original bag was specially made for the movie in 1954 by Max Holzman for Mark Cross. The bag above is a very rare recreation made in the 1990’s when Mark Cross tried unsuccessfully to make a come back (the store closed in 1998). My sister actually owns one of these.

Well don’t get too excited – it’s not being reissued, but I have found a bag that reminds of it in spirit. Think of a 21st century tote version, made with fine european craftsmanship and Italian chic. And voila (or should I say ecco) you have the Valextra Costa 48 hour bag. Now I realize it isn’t exactly the same – not quite as structured and doesn’t have the mirror – but it is similar in spirit – a small overnight or weekend bag that is incredibly compact, stylish and elegant. For a more contemporary pairing, think how well this bag would suit Tilda Swinton’s stylish character in I Am Love.

I love everything Valextra does – they are widely considered the Italian equivalent of Hermes. Exquisite quality, beautiful leathers and clean design are the hallmarks of this line.

from the valextra temporary site

There are many other designs I would be happy to own, in particular, the Babila

or the Medium S Line Top Handle Bag.

And if we’re in total fantasy land, I’d like a full set of luggage. But then we’re talking flying privately because these babies would never survive public transport.

V6A 52 carry on with wheels and 51 overnight bag with wheels
small 55 costa suitcase
duffle bag
Linea S travel bag

But the piece de resistance (what would that be in Italian – cavallo di battaglia?) is the soft trunk, which starts out so…

and then so…

and fully unpacks to…how fabulous is that?

If you want to see more of Valextra, check out Barneys, who is the exclusive retailer in the US. Ciao ragazzi!

15 thoughts on “Wish List

    • Sadly, I’ve never had the chance to borrow it :-( .My sister’s only complaint – it wasn’t quite large enough to hold an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper for work. Don’t know that Grace Kelly had that problem.

    • buzz – Mark Cross sadly went the way of many traditional stores of that era. I think the closest thing now is perhaps T. Anthony.

  1. I wonder if you could find a vintage one! I love neat and tidy bags like that – with everything in it’s “proper” place. Wishing you a weekend full of style and grace. (One of my favorite movies!)

  2. These pieces are really quite lovely. Except for the handbag/portofolio I cannot imagine using anything so beautiful, as you said public transport being what it is. I fear the days of private planes may be over forever (for me, anyway).

    • Marsha – Traveling is certainly not what it used to be – and the days of private planes was never a reality for me to begin with – but one can dream!



  4. I have an exact same Mark Cross document/overnight bag in mint condition…just a few tiny marks on the leather but apart from that, beautiful condition considering it is over 20 years old. If anyone is interested in buying this unique piece please do not hesitate to contact me or phone 07833472313. I am considering selling this (July 2012) so get in touch

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