Virtual Postcard | Kevin Isbell in Sardinia

Welcome to a new installment of our summer video travel series VIRTUAL POSTCARD. When I noticed that designer Kevin Isbell was planning a trip to Sardinia this summer, I immediately nabbed him for an episode, knowing his seasoned eye would capture the beauty of this distinctive destination. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia boasts both dramatic natural vistas and proud ancient traditions. Tag along with Kevin as he takes us with him to this unique European island paradise.

Often inspired by his love of travel, Kevin’s interiors are as sophisticated and wordly as they are comfortable and functional. Elegantly layered with cultural references, there is a thread of where he’s been or would like to go in everything he designs.

Kevin Isbell entry

His wide-ranging tastes, melded with his clients’ viewpoints and personal collections, yield rooms of visual interest and details,

Kevin Isbell bedroom

great drama

Kevin Isbell dining roomand brave combinations and cultural contrasts.

Kevin Isbell interior

Just take a peek at the things Kevin likes and you’ll find an eclectic and cultivated mix, from art to travel to design as well as a love of jib doors, which I share.

Kevin Isbell Things I like

So  thank you Kevin for taking us along on your summer sojourn –

VIRTUAL POSTCARD Kevin Isbell Sardinia

Sardinia is just divine!

VIRTUAL POSTCARD with Kevin Isbell in Sardinia

For more visual journeys of “Architecture, Graffiti, Art, Texture, and the occasional Wrongness,” you can follow Kevin’s world view on Instagram.

VISUAL POSTCARD from Sardinia with Kevin Isbell

photos of Sardinia by Kevin Isbell

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9 Responses to Virtual Postcard | Kevin Isbell in Sardinia

  1. Bj says:

    Love Sardinia, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

  2. franki says:

    Just look at that trim on that sofa…oh, how I love details that make you go…”that’s PERFECT!” This was another fun “adventure!!” franki

  3. Karena says:

    Oh yes it is all in the incredible details and that inlaid table. Another spot I must visit!
    Kevin is wonderful!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. What a pairing! Stacey and Kevin! xx and love this series!

  5. FABULOUS Kevin Isbell and Quintessence!! You’ve given me a new destination on my list of many!! XO’s to you both!

  6. I love his use of dark colours on walls, nice, moody and sophisticated, to then make my heart skip a beat with pops of colour he throws in. Clever and elegant. Thanks Quintessence for sharing.

  7. Sara coax says:

    Bravo Kevin! A fantastic trip thank you for sharing!

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