The Explosion of Atomic Tom

I just love this story – a case of creativity joining forces with technology to catapult a small Brooklyn quartet, Atomic Tom, to stardom. The week before last (actually Friday the 15th) this video was posted on YouTube and by Sunday had already received over a million hits. The premise for the video was that the band’s instruments had been stolen and they were forced to improvise using their iPhones. The truth is that their instruments are safe and sound. This is not the first YouTube video Atomic Tom had made but the invented back story and filming of this particular video caused it to garner unprecedented attention to such an extent that “Take Me Out” has since made it to the Top 100 iTunes single chart. And the most amazing aspect of the story is that the entire video was played, shot and edited, live, in one take – all on iPhones. Go Apple!

7 thoughts on “The Explosion of Atomic Tom

  1. This is amazing…truly! I have an i-phone, and can barely send a legible email or text, I feel so incompetent after watching these boys play an entire song! :)

  2. I love, love, love this! I’m a huge Apple fan, but I had no idea that there were apps for THAT! Talented group of guys – looks like their own their way!

    Also..wanted to comment about your excellent post on Alexa Hampton – but comments are turned off-must be a tech glitch. Any way….I am so excited..she will be coming to Westchester in Dec for a luncheon I’m attending and I am hoping to have her sign the book for me!

    • Hi ppp – so glad you liked this – obviously so did I! Amazing right?
      And thank you so much for alerting me about the Alexa Hampton post – for some reason allowing comments was indeed turned off – back on now :-). The book is very well done – lucky you to meet her – I’ll be she’s a great speaker – she clearly put a lot of thought into her writing.

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