At Home and Around the World with Susan Walker and Ali MacGraw for Ibu

Susan Walker Charleston home

Susan Walker has long walked the line between style and substance. With a spiritual soul, curious mind and educated eye she finally found what has become her true calling and three years ago, Ibu opened its doors in Charleston. In Indonesia, Ibu means woman of respect and Susan adopted the name for her company representing women artisans in 34 counties around the globe, using their time honored skills to create beautiful clothing and home decor. And now Ibu has launched Ali MacGraw for Ibu, a collaboration with the celebrated actress expressing her iconic style. Susanna and I were honored to visit Susan at her chic Charleston home and go behind the scenes with Ali to hear about the collection and attend the runway debut. Please tag along for an inspiring visit in spirit and style.

Much more than merely a stylish  collection, IBU is a movement, empowering these women to achieve financial independence and respect. Just as Susan’s home reflects her own journey with personal pieces,

Susan Walker Charleston home veranda-1every piece in the Ali4Ibu collection has a story and a direct connection to the artisan who crafted it.

Ali MacGraw for Ibu Moroccan jacketThe linen Moroccan jacket Ali sports above, for example, is made by 13 women in Sefrou, Morocco, led by Amina and her daughter in law, Wafae, below.

Maker of Ibu Moroccan jacket

The Sulfi jacket Ali wears below

Ali MacGraw for Ibu is made and embroidered by a group of women in Pakistan.

Ibu makers in Pakistan

Susan’s favorite word is sovereignty and it guides everything she does at IBU. “Sovereign is the woman who rules over her own life and destiny. Sovereign is a woman in poverty picking up her hands and transforming ageless skills into a source of power. And sovereign is a woman like you or me honoring that woman’s courage.” As each piece in the collection provides these female artisans with money, it not only helps many of their social challenges like educating young girls, better maternal health and stronger economies but leads to a woman’s self-respect.

Ali MacGraw for IbuWhile you may know Ali from her iconic style and famous films, what you may not know is that she has long been dedicated to service, working on behalf of the arts and numerous social, animal and environmental causes.

Ali MacGraw for Ibu-1As an ambassador of the Ibu Movement, Ali is thrilled to both contribute to these women artisans’ self-sufficiency and celebrate the beauty of their traditions and craft. “Together they are changing the lives of our sisters across the globe, and uniting our hopes and possibilities in this most difficult time. It is a huge honor for me to be a small part of this great vision.”

Susan Walker and Ali MacGraw for Ibu-1Susan echoes the sentiment. “It isn’t just the designing that draws Ali to Ibu,” says Walker. “It is the women whose lives are changed;  it is the artisans being honored and through this work stepping out of poverty into a new dignity. It’s women without borders.”

Susan Walker's Charleston homeSo thank you Susan, for welcoming us into your beautiful home and to Ali for sharing your talent, enthusiasm and generosity. We were thrilled help you both celebrate your success!

30 thoughts on “At Home and Around the World with Susan Walker and Ali MacGraw for Ibu

  1. This one is much more than just style and chic.
    You two brilliant and beautiful ladies are educating
    And empowering all of us to expand and nurture our own understanding of the needs and creative talents
    Of our World’s Wondrous Women.

  2. OMG first…Ali MacGraw still looks amazing. Second, I love the fabrics, the colors, the story – how lovely!

    • Ali looks stunning, live all the colors and designs! She is still my
      Hope…. Love SantaFe! I’m so happy she lives there and thrives!

  3. If I wasn’t already IBU’s number one FAN, I certainly would be after watching and reading about Susan’s most recent ambitious endeavor with ALI! I have watched her bloom in such magnificent ways through this process and her enthusiasm + deep creative soul is simply ebullient! IBU has a magical quality – it’ like that elusive + mysterious flying carpet – you just want to step on, sit down and see where and how this genius concept will take off to next. BRAVO to ALI + SUSAN + to QUINTESSENCE – this was an inspiring piece!

  4. What a spectacular post. Beautiful clothes, women, message and intention!!! I will be in Charleston next month and will put a visit to IBU at the top of my list

  5. I can’t believe how absolutely beautiful Ali McGraw looks.

    Please make her home and gardens in Santa Fe your next trip inspiration!

  6. I went to the link but no way of shopping?
    Anyway, I have been an admirer of Ali since she began in films. What an amazing lady.
    What style and spirit. Bless her soul! She’s magnificent and an inspiration.

  7. Beautiful and inspiring — how magnificent to empower women all over the world! The strength of sisterhood! Bravo! :-)

  8. Beautiful clothes and textiles. But the prices make them beyond the reach of most women.

  9. I’m a retired ASID designer and now am inspired to go back to create more!!!

    Please put my name on your blog – love all the clothes too.

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