Thank you Taigan and Fetch!

Any of you longtime readers will be familiar with the online shopping site Taigan. I have written before about their terrific curated collection of the very best specialty shops across the country for almost everything – fashion, home decor, art, antiques, jewelry, gourmet food and fine gifts.'s fetch magazineAnd I always look forward to the email dispatches from their online magazine, Fetch, produced by creative director Julia Reed, delivering articles on “people, places and fascinating discoveries.” So I am thrilled to report that I am featured on the magazine today.

Stop by Fetch to read my thoughts on design and see my picks from the irresistible online temptations.

Taigan and Fetch magazine

4 thoughts on “Thank you Taigan and Fetch!

  1. Congratulations, Stacey! You introduced many of us to Taigan and Fetch so I find it very fitting that you are featured. Will look forward to reading the rest and of course think that your picks are beautiful.

    Hoping that this finds you well and safe…

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