Sandy’s Wake

As I’m sure many of you realized, there was no post today due to the effects of hurricane Sandy in the northeast. While I feel very lucky to be safe and not have personally sustained any severe damage to our house, we are, like much of our town, without power, water, heat or phones for an undetermined period. Please keep in mind the many in my area who were not as lucky – these large trees blocking the roadways also devastated homes and brought down dangerous power lines.

Damage from hurricane Sandy

I am currently working out of a friend’s office nearby and hope to be back on track later today. Thank you all for your well wishes and patience!

7 thoughts on “Sandy’s Wake

  1. I am so glad your family and your property came through relatively unscathed. The girls and my 90 yr. old parents have no power. I have no clue how my parents are getting up and down the stairs. I better look into that.
    Take Care,

  2. So glad to hear that you are ok, Stacey, I have been thinking about you.
    And thank you for the information, those of us overseas are having to pick out of the CNN style noise something applying to more than those in the NYC/New Jersey corridor…

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