Thank you Lonny!

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting friend Michael Devine for a lovely evening on my terrace in Connecticut and was thrilled to see the report of his visit on Lonny here!


Thank you to Michael for his lovely photographs. I can’t wait for his sure-to-be-fabulous entertaining book coming from Rizzoli next spring!


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5 Responses to Thank you Lonny!

  1. Franki says:

    I saw (read) that!!! Lovely! franki

  2. Jennifer says:

    I did see that!! Fabulous.

  3. pretty pink tulips says:

    Michael is truly “devine”!!! I adore him and his talent. I will be first in line to get his book….you’re right…it’s sure to be fabulous!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  4. Great Lonny post and beautiful photo of you, Stacey! Loving this first glimpse of Michael’s book cover…

  5. This is wonderful Stacey!

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