Talbots Treats for Spring

A couple of weeks ago I attended a preview of Talbots‘ spring 2012 line. Although it was gray and rainy outside the hydrangea were in full bloom in the bright and sunny showroom. What a fun line-up is coming. Talbots continues the trend we saw on the spring runway shows – lots of color, florals and pattern mixed with geometrics and bright accessories.

See the mix of the rose floral jacket with the brushstroke rose-print blouse? You will see quite a bit of this type of coordination come spring.

But best of all? Lots and lots of orange!! See it mixed with other brights

Or in fun tailored accessories. How adorable is this Beacon Hill straw shoulder bag?

or the larger bucket version

These Randee buckle thongs in a rainbow selection could be every day summer favorites

Colorful ballet flats are always useful.

I think I may have to put this statement-making coral necklace on my list

These Marlene wide-leg paisley pants are a must have for my spring wardrobe. At $119, they are a fun way to add a little of the pattern trend to my mostly neutral wardrobe.

My other favorite was this easy going classic linen outfit. I love the lean length of the jacket and the Hepburn pant is a great staple. White linen just doesn’t last for seasons on end and adding a stylish shape in this classic summer fabric is a great way to update the essential summer white. I even like the navy and white batik scarf.

There were many choices in super casual attire as well. Easy going tops like this are great for throwing over white jeans.

I tend to buy fewer expensive items for my spring/summer wardrobe and rely on reasonable additions like these to my augment my designer staples. Look for these colorful easy to wear items in the spring as a simple way to update your warm weather style.

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21 Responses to Talbots Treats for Spring

  1. Thanks for the fashion show! I am loving the brights with orange, the ballet flats and that black top with the detailing…fun pieces to look forward to warmer weather. :)

  2. It is always interesting to see how something so high fashion as Raf Simmon’s work for Jil Sander can be translated down the line into something accessible and affordable. I would wear so much of this–something I never, ever thought that I would say about Talbot’s! Whoever is behind their relooking of the past few year deserves a raise…

    And like you, I invest in Fall/Winter but never for Spring/Summer. I don’t need for my white shirts to be designer–just not see-through! :)

  3. pve says:

    Looks really lovely! I need to augment my classics with a few fun tops.
    After traveling for the week – I realized tops are an easy way to update a look and to layer.

  4. I can’t quite wrp my head around spring fashion just yet, but these pieces o look tempting!

  5. Since I’m trying very hard to break out of my black clothing shell I’m loving all the bright colors they’re showing. I’m waiting for spring already!

  6. The new collection has a Lilly meets Liberty vibe and I love those colorful ballerinas. May have to invest in all the colors… A very chic and colorful mood!

  7. This made my morning. Not just because I am seeing pieces I personally like, but because it heralds a possible path to future health for a company I have long loved. :)

  8. My go-to store for everything! Happy to see a lot of orange again.
    Thanks for sharing, q.

  9. Bruce Barone says:

    Susan does most of her shopping there–and Nordstroms.

    I MUST send you a photo I snapped recently at the Talbots in Northampton!!!!

  10. Stitchfork says:

    I see a new straw bag and coral necklace in my furture…
    Thanks for the preview!
    xo Cathy

  11. Diane nailed it: Its liberty meets lilly!

  12. WHOA!!!!!! This is Tablots? Not the one I used to go to with my mom!! Looking really good. I am going to go pay them a visit, looking at them with a new set of eyes (and interest)!

  13. Suzanne says:

    I think with a gloomy
    economy, consumers
    are looking for purchases
    that uplift and make them
    happy, so it’s no surprise
    that designers are turning
    to COLOR! There IS
    something about orange,

    xx Suzanne

    PS: Tried to leave a comment
    on your Kate Ridder piece, yesterday,
    but it wouldn’t go through. I just
    love her style.

  14. Ooooh, I am excited about the orange and hot pink. I am interested in that dress (?) with the full skirt that I see in the background! Thanks so much for sharing, Stacey!

  15. pretty pink tulips says:

    Wow…Talbot’s has a great line up for Spring. I could use several of those dresses!! Let us know when it hits stores!!

    xo E
    ps: ordered the Katie Ridder book last night!

  16. Orange you excited about those straw bags? Not to mention the easy, happy , colorful, summer dresses? Love it all.

  17. loveeee that coral necklace!!

  18. MiVidaSerena says:

    love all the orange

  19. Lisa says:

    Wow. Love the dresses. Quite J. Crewish, which is a good thing right now.

  20. I must say I really like these!

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