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Nomad set fragrance by hermes Gift of Fragrance by Hermès

When compiling my list earlier this week for June discoveries, I accidentally omitted this wonderful find. Over the years, I have unfortunately had my favorite fragrances discontinued on several occasions. It is always so disappointing, like losing a best-loved accessory. Most recently it was Calèche Eau Delicate, a lighter version of the classic fragrance by Hermès which I had been using for almost a decade.…
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Marie Christophe Marie Christophe, Guerlain and Cour des Senteurs

As Paris is only two weeks away, I thought it was an opportune time to write about the amazing confluence of events that led to this post. Last summer when I escorted my daughters on their first trip to Paris, we made the pilgrimage to Versailles, including a visit to the Cour des Senteurs, thanks to my good friends at The Buzz.…
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More Unique Ways to Experience Paris

It would have been easy to fill the entire week with organized activities and new ways to experience Paris. The trick, of course, is to find the right balance of tried and true, cultural and local activities and free time to explore.…
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