Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk & Thom Filicia

I am excited to announce the debut of a new video series, Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk. Each segment will take you behind the scenes to share the experience of shopping with a designated design expert. You’ll learn what captures their attention and why, as we explore exciting design resources. We are thrilled to have as our our first guest, designer, author, Emmy award winner and tastemaker Thom Filicia, who will be taking us along to 1stDibs at the New York Design Center to show us how he likes to shop for himself and clients.

Thom Filicia understands how we want to live now. With a sophisticated yet practical approach to design, Thom’s signature is approachable interiors with stylish modern flair. While Thom’s cv is too extensive to list here, let me just share that since launching his eponymous firm in 1998, he has completed projects for Tina Fey, Delta Air Lines, Jennifer Lopez and Peter Jennings among many others. You may recognize him from the popular Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, his appearances on many other shows or his books, the second of which, American Beauty, he spoke about here.

Thom FiliciaThe umbrella of the Thom Filicia Home Collection includes furniture, rugs, textiles, art and broadloom collections for the retail market. And launching later in 2013 will be an exciting new venture at 200 Lexington. Combination office/showroom, Sedgwick & Brattle (the cross streets where Thom grew up in Syracuse, NY) will include a mix of Thom’s product, exclusive products from other designers/vendors as well as vintage pieces and antiques. There’s always something new and exciting coming from Thom Filicia!

15 thoughts on “Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk & Thom Filicia

  1. OK, Stacey…..that’s an incredible “get”! Thom Felicia is so warm and talented…I received his recent book as a gift and spent many hours by the fireplace reading it page by page.

    I wonder if Thom is getting those andirons….those would look great in my family room!

    Looking forward as the series continues! Well done!!!
    ~ Elizabeth

  2. Classy. Informative. Fun. Susanna is a terrific host!
    Great fun to watch & looking forward to more.
    Now I’m looking for my Thomas Crowne Affair DVD.
    Great job Stacey!

  3. Q. I just loved this video and I am so excited that you will be doing a series. So much fun to be a fly on the wall with Thom and Susanna. I laughed out loud. Perfectly edited. At this point my attention span is that of gnat, but for those 5 minutes, I was wholly yours. Congrats!

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