Spring Synergy

Last Friday I went to shop for some pieces to liven up my spring wardrobe. I walked into Richards in Greenwich and was greeted by this beautiful display.

This photo doesn’t do it justice – it was a vibrant creative expression of color. And as I walked further into the store, amazing floral displays were everywhere.

And not just pretty floral displays, but also incredibly creative ones. As it turns out, Richards, and its sister store Mitchells in Westport, were co-hosting their first Fairfield County Flower Show. A five day floral extravaganza, local florists, event planners and landscapers contributed to turning the stores into floral fantasies in celebration of spring.

Special events were organized for visitors and fashionistas alike, including of course trunk shows with top designers for both men and women. And as customers were adding to their wardrobes, gently used pieces were being collected for Dress for Success. As lovely as the arrangements downstairs were, upstairs in the women’s department is where the excitement was.

There was an indoor area simulating a lovely arbor table scape.

And a charming tablesetting on the terrace with a woodland meal theme. Don’t you love the carrot and celery utensils?

One of my favorite fashion/floral combinations was this charming shoe sitting within the Manolo Blahnik offerings.

But the real stars were in the bag department.

At first you didn’t notice, as the bags were very cleverly color coordinated with their designer counterparts, but a closer look revealed these fabulous confections created by Greenwich Orchids. Available for sale, they would be fabulous fun for a Derby celebration or as a memorable Mother’s Day gift.

Of course all this natural opulence put everyone in a splendid spring inspired state of mind (I bought something grass green!). Shoppers were entranced, feeling magnanimous in their donations to a good cause. Floral designers got exposure to their unique designs and the stores were the beneficiary of good will and good fortune. I love seeing this type of successful symbiotic staging. It is this synergy of spirit and aesthetics that is the future of good marketing and creative merchandising.

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27 Responses to Spring Synergy

  1. I know that you enjoyed your visit. Such beautiful florals and perfectly coordinated.
    Thank you for sharing. This does put a spring into your step.
    Have a nice Tuesday, q!

  2. Jane says:

    Those handbags in the nature wraps/arrangements are wonderful. My Gaydar was not excited by most of the displays…maybe Prada. But the handbags….really fabulous!

  3. The Zhush says:

    This is so fun…those bags especially! As luck would have it, I am heading into Greenwich today, I think I need to pop into Richards!

  4. Have been to Richards and its a great store….whats not to love on Greenwich Ave? The handbags are a riot…so creative, they are just beautiful..thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved the handbags along with everyone else but that show was pretty amazing too! Lucky you to have had such a fun surprise!


  6. Dash says:

    How gorgeous, it must have been a delight wandering round the store.

  7. What fun and imagination – love that Mitchell’s chose a flower show to celebrate spring! It must have been such a wonderful surprise to happen upon these lovely creations…

  8. Oooh, I love this post, Q! So inspiring on so many levels. Creativity, renewal and Spring all go hand in hand… :)

  9. Barbara says:

    What a delightful surprise and great event. The frame bag with calla lily handles and hosta leaves is just fabulous!!

  10. Caroline says:

    I love this!!! Beautiful flowers, gorgeous clothes and a good cause all put together! I may head over to my little store and add a few flowers…just makes everything so much more lovely! Take care, Caroline

  11. maureen says:

    amazing arrangements…flowers and beautiful plant materials liven up any place..if only other businesses understood fully the impact plants have on their customers…it would make a big difference to the store and the customer…
    fabulous post….

  12. What a magical shopping experience! How could you not be inspired for spring there? I think the bags are my favorites, too. Love!

  13. Isn’t it amazing what creative juices can come up with. The little floral handbags are just amazing. Spring is definitely HERE isn’t it? Love,

  14. What magnificent arrangements! It must have been difficult to focus on the clothes and shoes with all of those gorgeous flowers everywhere.

  15. Those floral handbags are fabulous and I love this shop, what a great way to get everyone in the mood for spring!

  16. I love the color but the texture and height really make those special.

    Those floral purses are fun but I think I prefer the Valentino styles ;)

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  17. David Toms says:

    Truly inspirational to help us ease into Spring this year. I love floral arrangements in retail spaces. They make the space a bit more inviting with something else to look at.
    Have a look at the this post I did last year, which I am sure you will enjoy

  18. I am so glad you posted this….somehow this wasn’t on my radar. Those bags are BEYOND!!! I think I might have to pop over to Greenwich this week and take a look!

  19. What fun handbag ideas! You would think this idea of mixing shopping with floral design would be seen often but this is the first time I have seen this! A creative and refreshing concept.

  20. PS Still waiting to hear from you with shipping details..candles are ready to go.

  21. This is totally spectacular … what a gorgeous take-a-moment display, everywhere!!

  22. stacey says:

    This is spectacular! Such a lively and charming greeting for the customers too! Great job on the pictures btw:-)

  23. These are really amazing. Spring is definitely in bloom!

  24. Amanda Teal says:

    God I love Spring! The shoe is my favorite too…so adorable.

  25. To say these displays
    are amazing seems too blah.
    Astounding might be more
    like it ~ WOW!!! Lucky
    you to have all of these
    wonderful boutiques and
    creative minds so nearby : )
    Happy Spring,
    xx Suzanne

  26. Oh my goodness this all looks just awesome! What a way to get to shop!!

  27. the handbags are wonderful! I did hats like this for a theatre event eons ago- the pics are terrible, I love that 1st collection of vases too. who could look at the clothes? pgt

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