Report from the London Design Festival

I’m afraid, dear readers, you will have to wait until my return to read about my fabulous adventures here at the London Design Festival. I unfortunately lost my laptop in transit and have not been able to post or obviously upload any photos. Needless to say, this has been a frustrating experience but please know that I will have much to report next week. It is been a nonstop frenzy of visual and conceptual stimulation. If you are on twitter, you can follow along at the hashtag #BlogTour2011. So – off to meet the members of SBID this morning. Cheerio and talk to you soon!!

20 thoughts on “Report from the London Design Festival

  1. Bloody horrible news. I hope that your lap top finds its way back to you soon and that despite such a loss, that you are able to move on and have a brilliant time in London.

  2. yuck about your laptop… but hoorah for being in london! will you be at anthropologie tomorrow? helena & i will be there. hope to see you!! xx

  3. Oh my, so sorry to hear about your laptop, I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for you, especially while on the road. Sending good thoughts your way so that the rest of your trip is anxiety-free and inspiring!

  4. OH NO!!!! I am so sorry Stacey – after all our talk about backing up I hope yours is backed up! Have fun despite it all and soak in all the scoop for you and us! See you this week!

  5. Having had my hard drive crash (yes…I was not backing up), I understand how frustrated you must feel. Yet, I can’t wait to read about your British Blog adventures!!!

    Safe travels home!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Very sorry to hear you lost your laptop! I left my Ipad in the rental car in DC last month. Called them within 10 minutes and they said it was already gone. Still so bummed about it. The person who “found” it and decided to keep it, even watched the video rentals we had loaded on it for the plane ride home – little salt on the wound.
    Look forward to hearing about your adventures when you return :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I am sorry to hear—completely frustrating, indeed! Though on another note, I am glad to hear that Design Week was wonderful—I look forward to more details—and no rush!

    xx, Sarah

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