Creative Collaboration: Legos in London

My love for legos is no secret. I have written about them before here and people who know me understand my mild obsession admiration for this incredibly clever and creative product. Did you know that since their introduction in 1949, legos have become the most popular toy in history? Clearly I am not alone, for it seems lately the fervor for legos has spread more widely throughout the artistic community, culminating with this current ambitious creation, the “LEGO Greenhouse”. A large scale installation in Convent Garden, this is the first fully functioning greenhouse built entirely from LEGO bricks.

LEGO UK commissioned designer, Sebastian Bergne, to create a lego installation as part of the London Design Festival 2011. Drawing on  Covent Garden’s origins as a fruit and vegetable market, Bergne ties his creation into the history of the site as well as Covent Garden’s long standing reputation for serving up great culture and design.

A true collaborative effort, Bergne worked closely with the lego team, specifically Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional, who built and installed the structure. The plants and vegetables were supplied by Indoor Garden Design and lighting by LED Tape.

By day it looks like a regular greenhouse, but night is when the magic happens and the structure becomes a glowing box – rather in the tradition of Pei’s Louvre addition or Apple’s NYC store I think. And it is in keeping with Bergne’s other work that has a transformative nature.

“It’s been a pleasure to be involved with this project for LEGO UK and Covent Garden. What instinctively appealed to me, was that I would finally have the chance to live out a childhood dream and build something huge and usable out of LEGO bricks.”

I know how he feels!! I can’t wait to see this very special structure in person as I head to the London Design Festival later today!! Be sure to follow along here and on twitter as we bring you a daily dose of inspiration from this amazing design destination.

26 thoughts on “Creative Collaboration: Legos in London

  1. One of my sons loved lego’s and I know that his career will be based on building blocks….he is studying mechanical engineering. He has always been fascinated with structures and how things work. I would love that green house.

  2. WOW!! I must show this to my son, who is now 15 but was a serious lego fanatic and had actually entered and won a few local contests! Oh how those legos kept him so busy for hours on end. I wouldn’t have the patience, but think they are a pretty neat concept and so deserve the title of being the most popular toy, no surprise there!

  3. It’s a amazing what can be done with legos nowdays they certainly aren’t the legos of my youth! Now you can build something useful to, very cool greenhouse.

    Stacey, Stacy Kunstel has your picture on her blog you’re very attractive and should show yourself more often!

  4. so cool! I’m so psyched you found this and wrote about it. Cant wait to share with my “boys” (that means husband too). Have a wonderful and safe trip! Bring me something from across the pond :)

  5. Yes, my son is a huge lego kid….still is…at fourteen (secretly in his room). He loved the lego statues at Legoland at Disney. Have a wonderful time in London. We will be passing through London for 6 hours in a couple of weeks on our way to Ireland! I hate to admit it…but I booked a hop on hop off bus tour for us. Stacey, do you know of any outdoor/indoor markets in London?

  6. How amazing! My cousin’s boys would adore this, will send link. I was never a lego girl for some reason. Don’t think I had them growing up. My husband loves them. The coolest thing I saw in Covent Garden when I was there in May was Laduree. Was thrilled to find it there and carried home a few bags :)

  7. Oh! Have a fantastic time in London! Can’t wait to see your perspective on one of my favorite cities. We were there last fall and loved every minute. And the Legos! Wow. Isn’t it amazing how some toys can always re-awaken your sense of child-like wonder. This is such a cool installation!

  8. Love the clear leggo house and the concept of building adult-ish things with them. So clever! Hope you’re heading into a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Well, I think you know our family’s love for Legos. Well, my sons’ love, that is. Between the Eiffel Tower, Star Wars and Hogwarts….they are creating and learning one piece at a time. And, I must say….it’s one “toy” I don’t mind spending the money on.

    Hope you’re having a grand time in London!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. Oh my goodness—I had no idea, actually! I have always adored Lego, and growing up, was often a favorite thing to do in my free time. I dreamed, created and imagined… thanks for sharing this!

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