Hanging out at Fashion Week – the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge

I’m always amazed by all the towering shoes I see at Fashion Week. Between waiting for shows and standing in line, there’s a fair amount of time on your feet. So it’s terrific to have a place to sit, relax, have a drink and regroup. The Mercedes Benz Star Lounge is just such a spot. This year the space was designed by Wesley Cadle, who I had the pleasure of meeting in his space.

Cadle is the perfect southern gentleman and was generous enough to take a few moments to discuss his vision for the room. Like many of the spring collections’ designers, he was inspired by the elegance of the past. An opulent Christian Le Croix patterned cotton chintz from the Arles Collection graced the windows. Picking up the celadon and amethyst, velvet and faille pieces added to the feminine glamour. The walls, covered in a lovely glazed linen with added crown molding made the suite feel homey and residential.

One of my favorite aspects of the space were the beautiful large fashion illustrations by Gladys Perint Palmer.

Bold and graphic yet feminine and glamorous, they really complemented and anchored the room. They were also used even larger in the IMG lounge.

photo courtesy of Gladys Perint Palmer

Pieces were chosen from Pearson and Hickory Chair and I particularly liked a new studded bookcase/armoire from the latter that I unfortunately don’t have a photo of.

Wesley has worked with Mercedes Benz on other suites at major events such as the US Open and the Masters, where every night he transformed a riverside pavilion into a different party venue – can you imagine? Every night! The first was this dramatic Batik in blue and white theme.

Another evening it became an ode to the hunt, replete with symbols of this southern tradition. Each of the chargers was handmade.

photography by Jensen Larsen

Wesley is clearly a very busy designer with a versatile practice yet was gracious enough to take the time to speak with me – sign of a true southern gentleman.

As I am wrapping up my coverage of fashion week, I must take a moment to thank my friend Linda Levy of Richards and her husband Peter, managing director of the fashion division of IMG, the amazing people who create this marvelous venue. It’s always a thrill to be a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!

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30 Responses to Hanging out at Fashion Week – the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge

  1. i love “being there” via your eyes, that lounge is stunning

    keep the images coming as this has been fun

  2. I feel like I am getting to go along with you! What a feminine space…love it.

  3. Wow – very envious. The height of style, glamour and luxury. Those fashion illustrations are just stunning. Would love them in a library or office. You seem to have had a ball covering fashion week, what a thrill. Really enjoyed following.

  4. Jane says:

    There is a reason this fellow gets the job of decorating these venues…really smart styling! Love the way he used the lavender color … nice lush touch, and the seating arrangements are genius. And why not frame and light great fashion illustrations in this of all places? I must find more of his projects…thanks for the introduction Mr. Cadle.

  5. You have such a fun job and these rooms are amazing. Hard to believe that once fashion week is over these rooms will be taken apart, sort of a shame.

  6. Wow thats quite beautiful and so luxurious! Very fitting for fashon week. He is one talented man, how fun it must have been to go…thanks for taking us along!

  7. Love the lavender and the illustrations! Thanks for taking us along, I am sure it was an exciting week for you. XO

  8. How exciting. You are a real celeb now! Such a beautiful venue and a great report! Looks like a fun week.

  9. So beautiful, q, and I LOVE the drawings! So beautiful.

  10. What fun!! Those fashion illustrations are fantastic. What a lovely space!

  11. You are so wonderful, sharing all of the fun and elegance with us. I really like the Gladys Perint Palmer piece, very pretty and evocative!

    So glad you are able to show us a bit of what is ‘behind the curtain’!

  12. What a gorgeous place to rest your feet. The Gladys Perint Palmer illustrations are my favorite!

  13. The Zhush says:

    So beautiful! Love the suites.

  14. Yes, truly a once-in-a-lifetime scene. So happy you had fun and brought your unique take on all this to us. xx’s

  15. mary jo says:

    Gorgeous! I loved catching up with your NFW coverage. And I adore Ralph Rucci!

    xo Mary Jo

  16. very lovely space and what a pleasure it must have been to
    meet the designer and see everything first hand..
    thanks for sharing..

  17. love the space–the lilac is so chic and relaxing–and the fashion illustrations are icing on the cake!

  18. Veronica says:

    Wow what a glam space! loving th fasion pics!

  19. Love! Thanks for posting. Loving (which surprises me) the lavender color palette. I’m not normally a fan of the color… but in those shimmery velvets it’s impossible not to like!

  20. Gladys Perint Palmer says:

    Thank you all for your very kind comments. I loved drawing for Mercedes-Benz and IMG. Please follow me on Tumblr (jumps to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). GPP

  21. pretty pink tulips says:

    Incredible. Just incredible!! I think attending Fashion Week is better than the Oscars. Love the Star Lounge, too. You were surrounded from beauty from the shows to the down time in between!!!

    Thanks for sharing this insider view!
    xo Elizabeth

  22. Melissa says:

    Stopping by to say hello & thank you for the comment (via Privilege).

    This post is total eye candy; what a treat to see the Star Lounge evolve like that. I’m off to investigate those lovely drawings of Ms. Perint Palmer.

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