Fashion Week Spring 2012 – CHADO Ralph Rucci

CHADO Ralph Rucci’s Spring 2012 collection was nothing short of breathtaking. It is in a league of its own.  The gorgeous fabrics and incredible workmanship really qualify it as more of a couture collection in my eyes. And Rucci has a loyal following of women who are willing and able to pay for it – think Deeda Blair, Iris Apfel, Jamie Gregory, Charlotte Moss, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Whoopi Goldberg, all at the show. My view of the front row with Bill Cunningham and Hamish Bowles.

“Chado” is the name of the ancient Japanese tea ceremony, the essence of which is respect, tranquility, grace, and integrity. And this collection exuded all these qualities. Set to Ravel’s restrained yet sexy Bolero, models slowly glided down the runway as opposed to the fast pace of most of the other shows. It was very fitting for such an amazingly pure yet modern spring collection.

The sculptural shapes with signature stitching drew mid-show applause on several occasions. Even though I won’t be purchasing anything from the collection, it was a rare pleasure to see it – each piece like a work of art! It is not surprising, therefore, to know that Rucci, an accomplished painter, draws artistic inspiration from the classic Renaissance to such contemporary luminaries as Cy Twombly, Francis Bacon and Joseph Beuys.

From structured architectonic shapes to flowing layers, all was simple and elegant.

photos by Alessandro Garofalo /

The back views were as special as the front.

While black made an appearance, the mostly pale muted colors were elegant, ephemeral and accentuated the meticulous details.

refined, elegant, chic – sublime!!

The finale of gowns did not disappoint

culminating with the spectacular Infanta gown made of light horsehair. This brought everyone to their feet.

 Unless I ever get to Paris for the couture shows, this is the next best thing!!


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22 Responses to Fashion Week Spring 2012 – CHADO Ralph Rucci

  1. How great to get to attend! I love the black dress and the back view of that first white dress is stunning! Beautiful…I’m envious!

  2. Jane says:

    I have read so many amazing reviews of this particular show this week. When I looked at your pics, which I found the best of the lot, it looked like such a wonderful show. It reminded me of some of the very early Geoffrey Beene structural fashions. I could very easily live in the world of CHADO couldn’t you? Loving your “Front Row” coverage….the NY Social Diary is also doing some terrific coverage.

  3. Thanks for this Q–it was my favorite show of the week. :)

  4. Oh…a total love for me. I saw two or three frocks that have my name all over them. Love the beautiful details and architectural shapes…truly fabulous!

  5. Chedva says:

    Magnificent, really. The long jackets took my breath away (especially the white one with the cutouts) and then I saw the dresses… What I like about it is that it’s architectural and artistic and yet seems extremely wearable.

  6. Wonderful trip to the fashion show with you. Loved every single one. Beautiful! Soft, sophisticated, artistic, ephemeral, feminine…

  7. All absolutely stunning, but I would be particularly excited if the dress in photo #3 found it’s way into my closet.

  8. I want every piece you photographed. Timeless elegance, beautiful details, remarkable craftsmanship…I am madly truly in love.

  9. Chic cis the word, q! Love his line! So many classics here.
    I hope that your week is off to a great start!

  10. How beautiful! I’m particularly smitten with the dress in the third photo…I love how simple these creations appear in silhouette and styling, but look closely and you see such beautiful detail. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your lovely view.

  11. imperio jp says:

    Oh my – THIS is glorious Q!! Do you thing if I get one of these dresses my legs will grow 6″ longer and I will lose 20 lbs so I can rock it? Best, j.

  12. Stitchfork says:

    So fun to see this through your eyes and camera lens!

  13. I agree, this collection is breathtaking! How exciting that you were there. You certainly had a great view, I just adore Bill Cunningham!

  14. Gorgeous and how fun to be there in person. Wow! You have done a great job covering this story. It’s fun to relive it through you.

  15. One of my girlfriends, Becca Cason Thrash, is a huge customer of his. She almost put him on the map. He designs “statement” outfits and for those gals who want to make a statement this is brilliant. The white gowns are awesome, but so is the glitter stuff. Love it !!

  16. So fabulous! Love every image! xx

  17. Hamptontoes says:

    What an amazing experience, both visually and well, the fun of it all! I like how you spend your days Mrs. Q!

  18. pve says:

    My closet would be in heaven with one piece from CHADO. What artfully crafted and engineered garments. I love the crisp clean lines.
    What a treat for you to attend and then to share it with us. Lucky are we.

  19. DivaDebbi says:

    Im so glad we got to see this together Q. It was indeed spectacular. There are almost no words….(but your photos helped)!
    I loved it so much I have spoken with the powers that be at Richards and we are looking into the very strong possibility of a trunk show!!!! I will keep you posted so you can share this with your readers. Fingers crossed Ladies…

  20. What a beautiful collection… I love all of it; the knotted hairstyles, fabrics, simplicity of color, and I’m crazy about the second white gown. It’s simply elegant. Love it. Thanks for the peek and to see Bill Cunningham; what fun!!

  21. Style Maniac says:

    I had the honor of meeting Mr. Rucci (briefly) when he accepted an award in his hometown (and my town) of Philadelphia earlier this year. A gracious and very classy guy.

  22. Lisa Porter says:

    Pure and refined yet stunningly beautiful!
    Love your commentary Stacey.
    xo Lisa

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