Report from Los Angeles

It’s been a very busy few days here in Los Angeles (did I tell you I was coming?). From filming three high profile interior designers for Susanna Salk’s and my “At Home with” video series, to checking out the windows at this year’s La Cienega Design Quarter Legends, to attending a special dinner at Dragonette, there hasn’t been a second to spare for a post. But I offer you a little peek at some of the chic places, people and homes visited with more information and posts coming very soon!!

Los Angeles collage

9 thoughts on “Report from Los Angeles

  1. Stacey I can tell from the images that you had a fabulous time with Susanna and see some hints as to what we can look forward to!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!

  2. I work in the area and it’s always the most exciting time of year for me. Driving in the area, or walking (does anyone walk in LA) enjoying the vignettes. Such talent descending down upon us! It’s phenominal!

  3. I was just at WestWeek with my associate…….Already this is so heads and tails above WestWeek it is amazing!

    Just started tonight at Hollyhock (my darling friend forever; the talented and so so smart Suzanne Rheinstein) who had the chicest party…..booksigning by Nicky Haslam…..I almost fainted. Then I was introduced to “legend” and then I asked about the fabric on the cover of the new Elle Decor (Suzanne’s daughter kate’s apartment in New York) ; and the man who was standing there. said……”It is I!!!” then I recognized him as “lars” from Keith McCoy; where I have been going for 40 years or something! Eek! What fun! Nicky Haslam has the coolest girl who is his sidekick. so my favorite……..adorable, honest….and talkative…calls it like she sees it! (noticed my mother’s purse (who “went up” many years ago…..) and when I told her it was my “Mother’s” she liked it more!!! Adore her!!!

    What fun it is here! I am invited to the blogger’s breakfast….hope I meet you!!! I’ll be with Diane Dorrans Saeks! (I was in one of her books…..the best one…just kidding….but surely a great one….Santa Barbara Living)!!!


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