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There are many museum exhibits in New York that I’m dying to see. One that just opened last week is “Rembrandt and His School,” at the very lovely Frick Collection. This is one of my favorite museums, housed in the beautiful Carrere & Hastings neoclassical building from 1914 that was once Henry Frick’s home. For a small museum, they have an impressive collection of Old Masters, bronzes, porcelains, and furniture. Rembrandt was Henry Frick’s favorite artist. As a railway magnate, he reputedly said “railways are the Rembrandts of investment.” Like Frick, the Dutch art historian Frederik Johannes Lugt also admired and collected the works of the Dutch artist and other European art, including a near-complete set of Rembrandt’s prints, eventually creating the Fondation Custodia in Paris to contain it all.  This exhibit is unusual in that it is presented through the eyes of these two collectors.

photo: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

The main Oval Room holds five paintings from the Frick’s permanent collection, including the newly restored famous self portrait from 1658.

This magnificent painting is joined by two other classic Rembrandts, “The Polish Rider” and the portrait of Nicolaes Ruts.

Opposite are “Old Women with a Book”, which has since been attributed to one of his followers, and “Portrait of a Young Artist”. Never before have these paintings been displayed together. The second exhibition space dedicated to the exhibit, the Cabinet, houses etchings and drawings owned by the Frick which are rarely on display.

And in the downstairs galleries is the loan exhibition of 66 works on paper by both Rembrandt and his school from Frits Lugt’s collection, now part of the Fondation Custodia.

Self-Portrait, Frowning: 1630, etching, , Fondation Custodia, Paris

“Interior with Saskia in Bed” Fondation Custodia

Credit: Fondation Cutodia, Collection Frits Lugt, Paris

Rembrandt is of course known for not only his painterly techniques but the way he viewed humanity through his work. Take a look at this introductory video by associate director and curator Colin Bailey about the exhibit.

This is a wonderful exhibit in a delightful environment that if you are near the city, should not be missed, even if just to see the newly restored self portrait, a jewel in the Frick collection. The northern Renaissance is one of my favorite periods and the Frick’s Rembrandt holdings are legendary. There are many accompanying lectures as well. But if you can’t make it, there is always the wonderful catalogue that can be purchased online.

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  1. Hands down, my favorite museum in the city! I am going in two weeks and will put this on my loooooooong list of things to see.
    Doesn’t the drawing titled, “Self Portrait” tell you something about this
    amazing artist. I love it!

  2. impressive…also an exhibit I would love to attend…I’m so taken by the etchings and drawings as well….but the color palette used in the paintings does something to me…stirs the imagination…just breathtaking….

  3. The light captured in a Rembrandt {and a lot of Dutch painting} is just amazing. What a lovely exhibit! The drawing of “Saskia in Bed” is wonderful and even here… the light is incredible. Great post for Monday a.m. as the snow falls. Thank you!

  4. I was in NYC last week and went to see this wonderful collection of Rembrandt work. It was amazing to actually see the recently curated “Self Portrait” I also saw the Cezanne Card Players at the Metropolitan Museum. Two wonderful exhibits on a sunny day. I was positively transported. Thank you for giving me a wonderful entry to share with my friends.

  5. I will be in New York this May, and will certainly make an effort to see this exhibition. Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. Great post…agreed the Frick is one of my favorites, its more intimate than some of the others. I am actually planning on attending this myself on March 1st and cannot looks wonderful.
    On the subject of art, since you are obviously a fan…I would like to suggest a documentary/movie which I have watched 4 times and counting! Its one of the most captivating documentaries I have ever seen, “art of the steal” is about the struggle to gain control of the valuable art collection in the world, The Barnes Foundation..out of Philadelphia, it is at times gut wrenching, but captivating and intriguing at the very least. It is a unreal story, which is still being played out by the political and cultural elite of Philadelphia. I just cannot get enough! Its worth the rental/purchase of the dvd, trust me:) Enjoy your day…

  7. When I am in New York I always go to the Frick Museum, one of my favorites! Thanks for this lovely post on the Rembrandt exhibition. I hope to get to New York in the Spring when I will be sure to see it.

  8. I’ve only been to New York an handful of times but never to the Frick. It is now on my list. What a master Rem’ was, just remarkable. I’ve never seen his prints, enjoyed watching the video clip.

  9. Always love visiting the Frick…wish I had a trip planned to the city soon. Looks like a wonderful exhibit – I will have to check out the catalogue!! xo KO

  10. q-
    This is the epitome of art. Nothing better!!
    Rembrandt is the master of all as far as I am concerned. Have seen his work, and you are lucky to have this exhibit near you.
    I visit the High in Atlanta every chance I can, but will make it to New York before long.

  11. Oh, I love the Frick. It’s one of my favorites, too. An the exhibit looks fantastic. I can’t believe that the last time I was there was before I met Mr. H. Too long. I think it’s time for a return ticket to NYC and a date at the Frick!
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend! XO

  12. So glad to know about this exhibit. I’m a long time admirer of the Frick…and to experience this Rembrandt exhibit would be a wonderful excuse to head to the city.

  13. I wish that I could make it……we have a Picasso exhibit that just started this past weekend in Richmond (VA)…It’s only 2 hours from my place (VA.BCH) so a few of us are going to head up before it closes in May…..I love art show, and antique show catalogues…may check the Rembrandt catalogue out…k

  14. Thank you so much for posting this. The Frick must be an absolute jewel in the city and the exhibit is breathtaking. I look forward to sharing this with my daughter who has always loved the period.
    Thank you again for a wonderful post.

  15. So wish I could get my husband to go to art museums with me….what a joy that would be to share the experience. It’s what I miss about living in London the most, especially the V & A!

  16. Thank you for a wonderful post. You are inspiring me to stop boo hoo’ing about living in this new town of mine and get out there and enjoy things like this. There was a wonderful Faberge exhibit at our NMHS in Houston. We did make it to that. Groaning from the kids but then they were delighted once there. It seems like academics are always taking over and time to enjoy wonderful things like this is rare. Miss NYC.

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