Prepping for Paris | Two Faves in the 6th

As I start to prepare for my trip to Paris next week, I rediscovered some summer photos of two shops in the stylish 6th arrondissement where I will be staying again, that I never had time to share. The first is Philippe Ferrandis. Since 1986, Ferrandis has been handcrafting his whimsical and colorful costume jewelry. While not much of a secret (the designer has several shops in Paris), he is notable for his very wearable yet distinctive statements pieces.

Philippe Ferrandis

Inspired by old Hollywood and classic glamour, Ferrandis’ stores are like a candy shops for jewelry lovers.

Philippe Ferrandis

Working with semi-precious stones, his creations are playful yet elegant, bold yet refined and colorful yet harmonious.

Philippe Ferrandis

This spectacular coral necklace was a favorite.

Philippe Ferrandis

With a wide variety of styles and range of sizes, there is something for almost every taste

Philippe Ferrandis

Philippe Ferrandis

Another charming outpost of covetable finds is on the tempting Rue Jacob. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the name of the shop in my files (I will be sure to find it and report back) but it is on the same block and across the street from favorite Michelle Aragon. With both home and fashion offerings, it is a treasure trove of goods mostly handmade in Venice.

shop in saint germain paris

A wonderful selection of sumptuous velvet pillows,

shop in saint germain paris

unusual decorative accoutrements as well as artisanal jewelry and fashion accessories beckon in an almost bazaar-like array. I was seriously tempted by these beautiful lace necklaces, each different in their delicate snowflake like form.

rue jacob shop paris

In the end, I decided on a fabulous beaded collar that I have already worn on multiple occasions. I will be touching base a couple more times before heading to Deco Off and some exciting adventures I can’t wait to share.

9 thoughts on “Prepping for Paris | Two Faves in the 6th

  1. Oh, I love love the jewelry and have bookmarked the shop for my next trip: what fabulous colors and textures. Look forward to seeing all the details of your trip and M&O and all of Paris!

  2. These selections are just…beautiful…particularly the last image! Now, this is the kind of jewelry I enjoy and “don’t worry” about. Bon Voyage! franki

  3. Stacey, thanks so much for posting about these gorgeous shops, can’t wait to check them out. I love the bright colors at Philippe Ferrandis. Have fun preparing and anticipating your trip. Hope to see you there! XO

  4. How exciting! As I sit here at my dining table on this still morning, listening to a group of Kookaburra’s laughing in the big tree, I can dream of Paris! These little gems of yours are so appreciated Stacey and are going straight onto the list for my trip in May! Thank You!

  5. Oooh, Rue Jacob! Definitely one of the best streets in the world! Are you heading to les puces as well? I’ve not been in a while and I am dying to go. Have a wonderful trip – looking forward to reading all about it. Cheers, Jacqueline

  6. Well this is right up my opulent alley! Those fabrics… swoon! Thank you for the intro to Ferrandis. Off to go explore more of these eye-catching pieces of jewelry.

    xoxo, Franki

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