On the Same Wavelength

I just received my new Town & Country this weekend. It’s a terrific issue and I couldn’t help but notice that we clearly were on the same wavelength this month. If you enjoyed my Christie’s Cache post about the upcoming jewelry sale at the auction house, then you should definitely read Carol Prisant’s informative profile of Rahul Kadakia, the debonair head of the jewelry department at Christie’s, who was quoted in my post and discusses some of the pieces I featured.

And if you liked reading my profile of Victoire de Castellane and her designs in my Dazzled at Dior piece, then be sure to check out J’adore Dior, a little write up produced by Heather Bracher Severs and Claudia Mata, of de Castellane’s LA D DE DIOR watch.

And lastly, if you lusted after the Mark Davis bakelite bracelet I featured in Posting Pink, then you’ll love page 152, where an entire page is devoted to his pink bangles.

So nice to be in such good company!

7 thoughts on “On the Same Wavelength

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue! It’s as if they read your mind…or your blog : ) Lusting after those fabulous pink bangles.

    xx Katie

    • Katie – It’s such a great issue – and wait til you see Markham Robert’s design for Cosima von Bulow’s house. I hear they are going to be including a home story every month – just love what Stephen Drucker is doing!

  2. Stephen Drucker is such an excellent editor, and of course so are you! And Wendy Goodman’s new book on Gloria Vanderbilt is going to be a huge hit, I predict. I’m thrilled for her–and what a beautiful cover. There’s a lesson here about style, and growing older with grace. d

    • Agree with you on all fronts. And trying my best to age with dignity and grace – what a great example!

  3. Loved every page of this issue – read it cover to cover! We’re so lucky to have Stephen Drucker there so that we can look forward to more issues like thisone. I tore out the page with the bangles – so pretty and pink!

    • carolyn – I agree, I think he is doing a fabulous job. And I heard there is going to be a home feature every month – yeah!

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