Looking Back and Forward with a New Video Series

It is amazing to think that our Stylish Shopping video series is already almost six months old. And while we have several new subjects scheduled and a few exciting pieces in the “can,” still to be edited, Susanna and I couldn’t resist adding a new series to our repertoire. At Home With… will feature select design icons and stylemakers in their abodes. We will be visiting them with a focus on certain aspects of how they live. Our first episode will air next week with Robert Couturier at his elegant Connecticut home, showing how living with both dogs and luxurious style are not mutually exclusive. And earlier this week, we filmed designer Alexandra Champalimaud in her antique weekend house, also in Connecticut, where old meets new with chic and effortless style.

So, before we move on to the debut of At Home (which has a little preview here), I thought you might like to take a quick (one minute) revisit with those designers with whom we have shopped so far. And for any new readers or those who missed an episode, you can take a peek at what you might have missed. All the Stylish Shopping posts and videos live in the box on the right. So enjoy and be on the lookout for the debut of our new At Home with… video series next week.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back and Forward with a New Video Series

  1. I have loved (am loving) Stylish Shopping–every morning I wake and think,,,,are we going to have a new episode today?? Can’t wait for the new series.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I just can not understand how you do everything! I love the posts and find ideas for house and office and then of course, I find ideas for dreams. Thank you for giving us these daily gifts, Q.

    Pat Allen

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