Jenny Packham Fall 2013 | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Jenny Packham’s beautiful new collection is princess pretty – literally and figuratively. With elegant slim shapes and flowing silks and chiffon with sparkle aplenty, there were quite a few dresses that looked like they were made especially for holiday celebrations at the palace. Plenty of time for Kate to get back in shape after a summer delivery!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Starting off strong with this lovely flowing peach confection (sorry for the blur – I seemed to have lost my camera mojo for this show), Packham’s fall collection took its inspiration from the intellectual salons of 17th century Paris. Here exquisitely dressed women gathered in splendid surroundings to discuss the culture of the day – art, literature and philosophy. Inspired by their clothes no doubt! But I of course like the idea that the women of the salonnieres were admired for both brains and beauty. Freedom of sartorial expression is certainly part of creative communication!

Jenny Packham

There were also a few day looks, more tailored yet elegant

Fall 2013 fashion at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

and oft tastefully embellished

Jenny Packham

with a few nice knits thrown in perfect for the winter weather

Fall 2013 fashion

But the stars of the show were most definitely the gowns. From trim metallics

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

to graceful billowing pleats,

Jenny Packham

it was a fest of femininity. The requisite black was offered in several winning options: beaded

Jenny Packham

layers of romantic chiffon

Jenny Packham

and a memorable modern classic – beaded bustier and pants – a great updated look that combines comfort with chic.

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham

There were saturated jewel tones reflecting the richness of the salons. Midnight blue

Jenny Packhamwith an abundance of gorgeous scarlet red set the tone.

Jenny Packham

And the final outfit that graced the catwalk was a luxurious pale sequin encrusted aquamarine.

Jenny Packham

Packham provided a wide selection of glamorous options for those with busy social or red carpet schedules. Elegant yet contemporary, her collection is perfect for the modern woman who wants to look up to date yet timeless.

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8 Responses to Jenny Packham Fall 2013 | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

  1. pve says:

    Beautiful! I love your images. I feel as if I am there in the front row.

  2. Stacey-
    I am rarely fond of an entire line, but this one is a hit! I love every single piece, and he knit dress is to die for.
    Happy Weekend.

  3. So gorgeous! Wouldn’t you love to see some brave soul wear the bustier and pant number to the Oscars? I would!!

    Thanks as always, Stacey. I always count on your POV for NY Fashion Week. It is too overwhelming for me to follow all of it, so I know you will bring us the best…


  4. Franki Parde says:

    The emblishments down the side panels…how well done! ***** franki

  5. That knit dress – it may be a must have for me…absolutely divine. Thank you for sharing! I would not have known about it if you hadn’t!! xo

  6. I have been crazy over the Jenny Packham dresses as they have been coming over the internet these last few days, especially a pink skirt. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have one? Gorgeous post. xx

  7. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for the front-row seat, Stacey!

  8. Salonistas, get out of town! And to think the Cone sisters were buying up Picasso on miles of serge. I’m not sure I could think in chiffon, but times have changed. Your photography needs no apology. We cannot even think about what Gertrude would wear!

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