At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

When Susanna first suggested that I shoot the photos for her book At Home with Dogs and Their Designers, I dismissed her idea out of hand. While I have always had an interest in photography and a long career as an art director, I am not a professional photographer. But after years of traveling and shooting our videos together, Susanna and I have an implicit trust factor and know how to work seamlessly together. So I decided, as Susanna writes in her very generous acknowledgment, to “embrace this major challenge.” I bought a “real” camera, spent untold hours researching and relearning and we were on our way. And what a fun and amazing journey it has been, as we traveled bicoastally to shoot the book in less than a year. There are no words to express my appreciation or gratitude for my talented partner in design crime, who had the vision for this project (you may remember our video that started it all )  and the faith in me to do my part. So it is with great excitement and thanks to Susanna as well as all the fabulous featured designers and their furry families that At Home with Dogs and Their Designers is finally here!

At Home with Dogs and their Designers cover

It seems almost like an anomaly that designers would be so devoted to their dogs, who can be messy and occasionally destructive to interiors. But just read any of the odes they wrote to their beloved pets in the book and you’ll see not only how utterly devoted the designers are but also how they have all managed to lead stylish and, more importantly well-loved, lives together. As Robert Couturier says in his foreword, “It is possible to be devoted not only to design at the highest levels but also to the four-legged creatures who share our beautiful home – and, if truth be told, who rule the roost.” Robert’s chapter portrait in his exquisite Connecticut dining room with his brood of Shih Tzus (which has since expanded) below. Take a full video tour of his Connecticut house here.

Robert Couturier in At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

In shooting the book, it was not just about getting the shot but capturing the spirit and love as well as a sense of place. Scouting was often a try-it-on-for-size effort. Susanna, below, checking out the chic chaise in Kelly Wearstler‘s amazing Malibu home.

Susanna Salk at Kelly Wearstler shootAnd the actual shot with Kelly’s rescue dog Willie, who despite his initial skittishness, turned out to be a great subject!

Willie Wearstler in At Home with Dogs and Their Designers 1

At Hutton Wilkinson‘s glamorous Beverly Hills home, Susanna snapped me behind the scenes getting a little help from one of Hutton’s two frisky West Highland white terriers,

Stacey Bewkes shooting At Home with Dogs and Their Designersphoto Susanna Salk

whose images are incorporated in many rooms throughout the home, including Hutton’s wife Ruth’s ethereal dressing room with wallpaper made from paintings by Elizabeth Duquette (Tony’s wife).

Hutton Wilkinson house in At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

While all dogs love being out and about, some lead more active lifestyles than others. Follow Nathan Turner and partner Eric Hughes on Instagram and you’ll see the outdoor adventures of their labs Nacho and Wally, including playing on the beach right outside their waterfront Malibu home. Nathan kindly lent me a hat for the shoot!

Stacey Bewkes and Nathan Turner shooting At Home with Dogs and Their Designers-1photo by Susanna Salk

Big bro Nacho has schooled little brother Wally in all things beach life but they still like to snuggle in bed (on a protective utility canvas blanket of course). In one of my favorite sections of the book, It’s a Dog’s Life, we learn all the FAQS about our furry friends like how Nacho’s special talent is body surfing. To see more of Nathan and Eric’s stylish beachside home, our full video visit is here.

Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes' labs in At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

One of the luckiest pups around has to be Alex Papachristidis‘ Yorkie, Teddy. Small enough to be eminently portable, he accompanies Alex everywhere from all the best antique shops and showrooms to restaurants in Paris (I have dined in his company at Ladurée) and beyond.

Alex Papachristidis' Teddy in At Home with Dogs and Their DesignersHe is also beloved by Alex’s partner Scott Nelson, giving Teddy a little smooch in his pattern filled dressing room, below. Incorporating patterned fabrics is one of Alex’s tips on living a stylish life in the book.

Alex Papachristidis partner Scott Nelson with their dog Teddy from At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

Susanna also caught me behind the scenes at Brooke and Steve Giannetti‘s beautiful Patina Farm in Ojai, California where we had also filmed a video segment.

Stacey Bewkes shootint At Home with Dogs and Their Designers at Patina Farm

While Brooke and Steve have four dogs as well as a full farm of pets, the two Shih Tzus, Sera and Sophie are inseparable.

Giannetti's dogs in At Home with Dogs and Their Designers-1

The book is a marvelous and entertaining compendium in which Susanna has melded design inspiration, practical tips, heartwarming stories and even a list of favorite resources and animal charities. As she writes in her introduction, “beautiful rooms don’t resonate – indeed, they don’t even feel comfortable – if they lack soul. And what’s more soulful than the sight of your dog greeting you at the door… or curled up at the foot of your bed?”

At Home with Dogs and Their Designers book party at Ralph Lauren Home-1This week we were thrilled to celebrate the publication of At Home with Dogs and Their Designers at the beautiful Ralph Lauren flagship store where the Ralph Lauren Home team went above and beyond with a marvelous cocktail reception.

Carolyne Roehm, Alex Papachristidis and Susanna Salk at Ralph Lauren Home book party for At Home with Dogs and Their Designers-1Many of the book’s east coast designers (and some of their dogs) attended – Carolyne Roehm, Alex Papachristidis and Susanna, above,

Susanna Salk with Daniel Sager and Daisy-1

Daniel Sager, featured-designer Brian McCarthy‘s partner, with their dog Daisy, above (video tour of their weekend home here) –

Martha Stewart with At Home with Dogs and Their Designers-1photo by Susanna Salk

as well as a great turn out of design stars and aficionados. Susanna signed Martha Stewart‘s book to all of her five dogs.

Charlotte Moss at Dogs and Their Designers book party at Ralph Lauren Home

Charlotte Moss brought her adorable King Charles Spaniels, Buddy and Daisy. We even had a surprise visit from one of our west coast designers, Mark Sikes, below, with Architectural Digest Interiors & Garden Director Alison Levasseur and Assistant Market Editor Madeline O’Malley and Susanna.

Alison Levasseur, Mark Sikes and Maddy O'Malley at At Home with Dogs and Their Designers book party at Ralph Lauren HomeRalph Lauren Home also introduced their new Pup Shop accessories, donating a percentage of the evening’s sales to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF). Teddy Papachristidis, below, checking out one of the stylish new bowls.

Teddy Papachristidis at Ralph Lauren Home for At Home with Dogs and Their Designers book party-1three photos above courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

Thank you Ralph Lauren Home for a most perfect evening!! Thank you to everyone who came, thank you to all the designers who opened their homes and shared their beloved dogs and most of all, thank you Susanna for letting me be part of this wonderful project – it’s a big two paws up!!

all photos, unless otherwise specified by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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  1. Bravo, Stacey for pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to such a charming and beautiful result! You inspire me. :) May the book continue to be a grand success and bring much needed happiness to dog lovers everywhere!

  2. Congratulations on your collaboration in such a beautiful book. You inspire me too! I can’t wait to get it! And next summer, early on, we are definitely getting together!

  3. Now that looked like the party of the year. The book is going on my xmas list, thank you both for bringing beauty and comfort to my world.

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful collaboration, and a fantastic project that will continue to generate lots of enthusiasm! Can’t wait to see it.
    You two are dynamos!
    Thanks for all your dedication to this idea!

  5. Susanna, what a brilliant idea, that will prove to have appeal even beyond what I’m sure you have imagined. Your concept of dogs in their own chic settings, with their beloved owners, including tips, sources and animal charities is inspired.
    And Stacey, you’ve proven your talents as a gifted writer, now you’re on record as an equally gifted photographer. What a fun, rewarding collaboration. Congrats to you both!

    • What a lovely note Bettie, thank you so much! We’re glad you are as enthusiastic about the book’s potential as we are and so agree about Stacey’s multi talented gifts!!!

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